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How can make money from fuck prostitute?

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All memes aside, I want to know why this disgusting ugly whore thinks she can charge $3000/hour to have sex with her? She's in the bottom 20% of women lookswise.

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>She's in the bottom 20% of women lookswise.
On your harddrive maybe.

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because beta males in sf and china pay for it lol but at the end of the day and the end of her life she still has to look back on being nothing but a whore

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and what is it youre going to look back on anon?

gambling on shitcoins and jerking off 3 times a day for the entirety of your 20s?

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You can literally make her eat your shit and cum inside any hole with no condom.
She even fucks niggers and arabs.

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i don't really do any of that but even if i did that still isn't anywhere near as bad

cope more

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this is true, just had a girl on kik send videos of her eating shit. paid her $50, only did it because i thought why the fuck not lol. Was kinda gross though to be honest

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damn this is bearish post
sell niggaz

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