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Because you don’t like or know anything about Jainism

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help please

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>Because you don’t like or know anything about Jainism
some mistics told me that it's because I still gotta pay my previous carma + learn more things about greed
and also told me that evrything in life it's in cycles

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What's that mean to you?

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That is less sinful to kill a Jew than to take a shower

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why am I still trapped here?
ib4 I ignore the kill the jews comments
They are non sense.. I wanna go out off the Samsara and you sugguest me to kill the jew? No sense

I suffer so much

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you mean that dark place with a narrow pathway and when you crossed that narrow pathway successfully, youll be granted an exit? i havent saw anyone able to cross that pathway, they carry their sins as they cross that road. no one is worthy to face the game master desu.

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