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Literally nothing happened, whats wrong and where is my 1k per bsv ??

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he submitted 6,000 patents so people interested in sub $1,000 bsv tried their best and made it dip 1%
that's all

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what will happen today ?

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As more people become aware that Craig has been proven to be lying people will begin dumping.
It will take bsv holders some time to go through anger->denial->acceptance so you have some time to dump.

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>claim a bitcoin whale wallet belongs to you, in court
>wallet owner signs a message saying this isn't craig's and he's a fraud

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Just wait a few more years bro.

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Doesn't the judge fuck him in the ass today, which they will try to hide with genesis?

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Source? I want to lol

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Its on an active thread but here's a copypaste, also pic related;


"In a prior document that he filed in court, he claimed that he owned the private keys to wallet:

16cou7Ht6WjTzuFyDBnht9hmvXytg6XdVT, which was owned by an anonymous Bitcoin Whale.

Much to Craig’s surprise, the anonymous owner of that wallet address signed a message with the private key that said “Address 16cou7Ht6WjTzuFyDBnht9hmvXytg6XdVT does not belong to Satoshi or to Craig Wright. Craig is a liar and a fraud.”"

"Wright has also claimed that the infamous “Bonded Courier” was an attorney, and so therefore his communications are privileged, and cannot be shared."

"Perhaps the most absurd turn of events is Mr. Wright’s claim that the infamous Bonded Courier who was supposed to provide him with the private keys for Satoshi’s Bitcoin, is actually also an attorney, and is therefore protected under attorney client privilege. This renders the alleged attorney unable to provide more information about the courier, or the circumstances surrounding the elusive private keys."

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Oh my god that's fantastic

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This is one of the biggest and most hilarious shitshows I've seen in crypto.

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Do people actually believe that this schizo faggot is Satoshi? Lol

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while you're all worried about satoshi and thinking that the next happening is in Antarctica or some terribly obvious place... news flash: it's not.
Some serious fucking shit is going down in FERMONT QC and you are all looking in the wrong place. Listen to me. They found something out there. It's been excavated and suddenly a massive complex behind gated walls are being constructed. It's not a secret facility -- but an armed, gated community being built for the absolute elites of the world. The worlds most expensive aircraft are being seen delivering VIP's, and you all need to know about it. The citadel is being built

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how old is it ?

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Today days old.

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i am actually all in becouse of tech, at this moment + 200 %, but i have been waiting for genesis fork, expected some price movement, but not down i think. I trust bsv tech, but shal i expect some kind of price dump today ?

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it was a big nothing bros

blocks were already 2gb and not being utilized, price will prolly dump soon sub $200 and then continue mooning as positive news comes and some of the big data projects start appearing

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what a clown world we are living in..

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This is a pretty hilarious turn of events. I mean the guy said "This is my address your honor." in court, then it got signed with a message calling him a fraud. Up until now everything that was a lie was hard to 100% claim as a lie. That changed today. This is the first time that something has really, really fucked up in his Satoshi claim story.

I don't know what to expect, unless Craig feels like dumping his own stash. The tech had potential, emphasis on HAD, but not with someone like Craig leading the development.

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this happened nearly a year ago and was a document submitted by kleiman and was proven to be a forgery.

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lel no it wasn't you coping faggot bsv is a scam

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it may sounds to someone like CSWs not 4d or 5d, but 6d chess move.

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yes it was.

btc is the scam pic related.

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>gave away his real BTC
>bought some BSV coin>>17086426

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Get lost Blockstream. Also stop using 'kek' so much. You shills overuse kek like a nervous twitch. it's cringe as fuck when you outside shills use it

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more than 2 weeks old and the court documents it's based on are fake. check the date don't fall for fud, gl

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it has already been debunked, the court documents that were posted with the article are not the ones craig submitted to court. they are fake.

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you're gonna lose your money, and no one here gives a fuck

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and here's the signature


happened 2 weeks ago, not today. and whoever put together the article was clearly working with whoever has the private key for that address, because the court documents aren't the ones craig submitted.

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inspect the address, brainded retards


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ftr literally anyone can has access to the private key to the address now, as there's 0 BSV, 0 BCH and 0.0002 BTC stored on it

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>Fox News advertisement style
the absolute state of street shitting shillers

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>tell greg to upload ze courtcase fud and buy zheir bagz

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if code is not law crpyto makes no sense.
tie to decide if you want to continue with trustful permissioned systems of you want real crypto fags.

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You shills are DESPERATE
how does it feel to be PRICED OUT

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>happened 2 weeks ago, not today
more like half a year ago wtf are you smoking?

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Just the other day I lost ownership of my tesla as an individual stole the keys out of my satchel while I was ordering my onions frappucino. Unfortunately I was unable to verify the thief's pgp key so I could not put out an anonymous hit on him. I returned home to tell my wife but to my dismay I only found a woman at home that looked exactly like my wife but was unable to publicly sign the private key I had given her to verify our marriage, claiming it had been left in my tesla. Obviously i moved out immediately as I could not trustlessly verify the identity of this woman claiming to be my wife.

Some time passed and one day I was lucky enough to come across my tesla. Chasing down the young man who had parked it I demanded his pgp key so that i could initiate a ransomware smart contract to blackmail him into returning the private keys of my car to me. To my great relief it turned out this young man was my wife as before I could send the gas to the smart contract he publicly signed a message with my wife's private key. In the end we all laughed, I just have no idea how we ever trusted anyone before bitcoin.

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interesting attempt in this pasta to try moving the goalpost. legal ownership is a trustful permissioned system enforced by state authority. if you trust state authority to properly enforce the rules and act in your interest then crypto is none of your business.

it has happend multiple time sin my countries history that private property got redistributed to the favorites of the current political party. homes, land, art, livestock, machines... one day some faggot came and told you you are no longer the legal owner of your home he is. and he brought with him a bunch of thugs with machine guns.

crypto is different. code is law therefore there is no authority to betray your trust. a hybrid system makes no sense whatsoever.

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>in court
>you must hand over the bitcoin you obtained illegally
>go to jail for contempt of court
Refusing to hand over a private key is no different to refusing to hand over hidden cash or bullion. If anything bitcoin is easier to confiscate because there is a public ledger of all transactions.

Bitcoin is an electronic cash system that can facilitate new wealth from the increasing the resolution of trade, business and law in value and time, destroy the profitability of crime with the adoption of one public ledger, give people more alternatives to socialist monetary policy

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>in court
>you must hand over the bitcoin you obtained legally
>tell them they should prove first you have control over any bitcoin
>tfw can't even prove it you have any as bitcoin is owned in the most private way possible

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no shit.
It has never been easier than with bitcoin because it has a public ledger


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>people more alternatives to socialist monetary policy
also you do realize that the first time this could benefit you it will become illegal to own it. like in every shithole experiencing inflation lately they banned it.

you are pissing against the wind. makes no sense.

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then tell me how much btc i have and on what addresses! noone can tell this on this fucking planet.

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It already does benefit me. Of course it could be banned you are the one saying it's immune to the law not me. If you live some communist authoritarian shithole you don't have property rights already bitcoin can't change that directly

Bitcoin is more traceable than any other form of money in history

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Price is dumping HARD. Soon everyone can buy at a huge discount!

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you continue to make the same point while pointing to no sources

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>bitcoin has a public immutable ledger
needs a source for bitcoins most critical characteristic

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>Bitcoin is more traceable than any other form of money in history
but you can't prove shit. that's the point. how do you prove without reasonable doubt an address i never spent from is under my control? you can't. there is no way. you shuffle your coins around a bit and while they are easily traceable and everyone can make assumptions there is no proof.

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Because of kyc'ing your fiat to your public keys. Bitcoin is only anonymous if you use a different wallet every time you move coins.

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>you are the one saying it's immune to the law not me
i said it's unconfiscateable unlike legal ownership based assets like real estate accounts derivatives and metals.
i can hop on a plane start a new life in an other country as a refugee and nobody can take my btc. they can take everything else because legal ownership comes with the ability to confiscate.

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shut the fuck up

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>it will become illegal to own it
>you are pissing against the wind

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you people have lost your mind, it's like you think money didn't exist before bitcoin. To whatever extent cash, gold, anything is traceable bitcoin is more traceable as it has a public ledger of every single signed transaction

bitcoin is not anonymous in any way

>legal ownership comes with the ability to confiscate
Completely false and bitcoin can be confiscated >>17087631

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>bitcoin can be confiscated
i’m never gonna give up you my bitcoins, and if a judge send me in jail I will be happy to abuse welfare, have free rent and free meals
also, you need to prove I own them in first place
you can also use coinjoin, convert them to monero, and tell them that your only backup is corrupted, good luck with that, they physically just don’t exists
you can just fuck off to New Zealand like Kim and retire

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>I will go to jail before I give up my bitcoins
maybe just don't be a criminal

>tell them your backup is corrupted
>Judges hate him. Learn the one trick that will get you out of any crime

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You have no source pajeet.

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>and bitcoin can be confiscated
not unless you go full retard. my bitcoins can't be confiscated anyhow. noone on this planet can prove i'm in possession of those private keys. i could be satoshi you would never be able to prove it.

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yeah proving it is a different matter. nobody can tell surely from an onchain tx what was a legit spend or otc sell or a shuffle.
but most importantly you can't take your home with you when you move to an other country they can easily stop wires or strip you of any accessories.

but bitcoin is so privately owned they can't do a fucking thing about it.

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BSV is a coin for complete and total FUCKING RETARDS
Jesus christ
you fucking autists wish you bought bitcoin at $100 or whatever so you buy this worthless shitcoin in the hopes that it turns out to be the new bitcoin
don't be a fucking idiot, holy shit. craig is literally a 9 year old in an adults body. constant lies that are completely ridiculous

you seem desperate

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>Completely false
you are retarded anything that is your legal property can be confiscated obviously and you would be utterly powerless against the authority that fucks you in the ass.

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If bsv isnt real bitcoin, and if segwitcoin isnt the real bitcoin, what is the real bitcoin?

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>scammer announces thing
>thing is new timeline
every. single. time.

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>losers expecting a widely pre-announced, minor software update would somehow result in a pump

lol. And i say this as a bsv holder

that would be nice

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literally new levels of seethe
super stiff corecuck
enjoy your dead chain
may 2020 the game is up

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When will BSVtards off themselves. This is getting beyond the realm of cringe already.

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probably when nothing happens till 2040

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Oh no! With bsv, you just win!

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That's commonly misinterpreted as meaning there is a competition between the various protocol versions, like BTC, BCH, and BSV. This is not the case; it actually just describes the mechanism by which blocks are orphaned within a given protocol.

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>I don't know what to expect, unless Craig feels like dumping his own stash.
he got partially paid in bch (and, since the split, bchsv) by his employers at NChain but he doesn’t have enough to move markets. remember that he’s just a puppet on a string.

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Craig is just an agent like Sergay

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>That changed today
fucking newfags i swear

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I'm actually starting to feel sorry for this dipshit. His soul is ugly. He has no redeeming qualities and even lacks the courage to own up to his lies so he can begin to heal. Truly a damned soul.

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all i care about is all that market cap beeing poured into BTC, ETH and LTC, after the pump, sell, wait for correction and buy back

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Nothing is being poured anywhere retard. The market cap gas barely budged

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