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But who will fix it when Jamal punches it?

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Next up is NiggerPuncher 5000 to deal with all the "Jamals"

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Fuck You faggot I always avoid these just to keep you faggot neets employed

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I've seen a female nigger do this irl.
Kick some random machine sticking out of the wall as she was walking past.
The're not far from wild apes.

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This webm just neatly sums up the fall of the West doesn't it.

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destruction of property wont be tolerated long
one armed security guard and a few arrests fix that

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They'd rather pay for a trained security guard, which costs way more than a wagie. The absolute fucking state.

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The manager just orders a new one from his supplier and plugs it in, it is smart enough to auto-configure itself and work immediately. The old one is thrown in the trash and shipped to Indonesia.

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>t. Not a business owner

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And if the new one gets nigged the next day?

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Obviously not, but as a wagey this is what I witness regularly. Smart devices are being incorporated into retail workplaces that are simple enough to be configured by the user even if they're a fucking chimpanzee. This tech is practically disposable, problems are often not even troubleshooted anymore, they just toss the entire device and replace it.

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Not saying that there isn't tech in every workplace that needs to be actively maintained. What I'm saying is there are not going to be enough maintenance jobs to replace the front line positions being eliminated by these devices.

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>develop an armored console
>deploy it to locations with the most lost consoles
>it just happens to be in the hood
>now you're raysis
>brace for media shitstorm and lawsuits

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>implying security guards have any power

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I'm pretty sure it will get to the point where there is no counter. Just a concrete slab with a hole infront of it.

People will order via mobile phone or simply ask an AI for what they want using natural language. There will probably be a NFC reader for contact less neanderthals that dont have online access.

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if they're going to use robots at least have sexy robots
right now it's worth it just to talk to cute cashier girl

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This, also independently owned cameras record Jamal and a bunch of decentralised oracles confirm his identity in an aggregated way. Then a smart contract on his public, government-mandated crypto social security fund sends a fee to cover the screen to the manager and Jamal has his blockchain capacities reduced.
Meanwhile I helped identify Jamal and get paid a few extra linkies to add to my stack.

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This looks like an easy way to get aids. Can't I just throw money at them and let them keep the change?
I don't want to work to get my order. I want to order someone to take my order.

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As a dude who has worked several security gigs in the past, that won't stop a nigger from nigging. They will challenge your authority daily. If they're in groups (which they are most of the time) you can't do shit but let them berate you otherwise you'll get stomped in and shanked or shot. If you act too harshly, they just call or walk into management, scream racism and the company will let them get free shit and apologize profusely.

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To add, I'm not a dad bod soikin either. I'm 6'2 and have been /fit/ for longer than a decade. They just don't give a fuck because they have an idea of what they can and can't get away with. Shit is a nightmare. I wasn't racist before but I fucking hate niggers after those jobs.

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get a grip

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you mean the virgin manager contracts the CHAD technician to repair or replace his his assets.
That's right little man, you take a seat. It's time for a REAL MN to get shit done

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>Blockchain social credit score unfairly targets blacks because of racism

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more based then virgin whites. They just let them take the job away

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