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>he still hasn't invested in stocks
>no passive dividend income
>a minimum wagie STILL
>no prospects for gf because too poor

Why even live lmao, start investing now.

Every day you wait is a lost opportunity.

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God has blessed you with expendable income. He has not done the same with me. I need the money I have

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>a minimum wagie STILL
nobody is a minimum wagie

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Ahh yes, perfect time to buy stonks

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What do you mean buy this?

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this, i'd fucking buy if it was an obvious clown fest crypto-2017 bubble

just hurry up and crash

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>he doesn't trade options netting +2000% a month

How long have you been waiting on crypto again?

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this, we are due a recession

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Close to the Top: The Post

grats on multiplying your allowance

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Oh nononono

Show some results when you can do $20k trades

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>have the strongest domestic market in the world
>have the strongest international market in the world
>still think the US stock market will crash and you'll buy stocks for a 50% discount.
The absolute state of /biz/.

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Of course they are, that's the majority of people.

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Looks like it has just enough life left for one more nice, verticle candlestick. That should take it to the symbolic 33,000 and the satanists can then pull it.

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>what is euphoria?
a market phase that you will eventually discover bagholding for 10+ years

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Why would you paint over your total sum and not paint over your net gain.
You know anyone can just calculate how much you have in total based on the percentage you posted (if anyone really cares), right?

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every year the same "this is surely the top" posts
Every year a new high

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>every year

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This guys fund manages $150 billion, fwiw

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x30 profit?
you started investing with $30?

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Jesus is LORD.

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>he still hasn't invested in stocks

In the current realm where most stocks are driven with low rates, stock buy backs and the FED increasing it's balance sheet, the upside is limited to the tremendous downside of the largest debt bubble and longest bull market in history. I am however hording cash and waiting for the deals that will come and profit off you bag holders. When will these deals happen? IDK but with socialism and the likelihood of a progressive moron winning the white house after trump it will happen inevitably.

>no passive dividend income

I earn dividends in my retirement account for long term wealth creation.

>a minimum wagie STILL

LOL no. I make 14 dollars an hour which is more than most of you cucks

>no prospects for gf because too poor

A woman should be a compliment to a man along his life journey and a woman should never be a mans life. This takes time especially in the world world of cultural Marxism and post modernism.

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That's a lovely video of a man giving absolutely zero reason why the US stock market would crash and never recover.

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Well if the U.S goes to negative rates it will stagnate the economy just like europe and japan...

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>It can only go up, bro

Tops in btw.

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>This guys fund manages $150 billion, fwiw

This faggot Gundlach said in 2011 that we were in recession and it was suicidal to invest in stocks. How did that work out for dumb faggots like you like you who followed a guy that manages billions?

> "We're going through a period of crisis and economic weakness that stems from decreased government spending...There is no recovery. There are no jobs."

> And this is not the time to invest in stock, says Gundlach, who runs DoubleLine Total Return Bond Fund (symbol DBLTX). “It seems suicidal to buy a broad-based basket of stocks or economically sensitive commodities or emerging markets stocks -- all of which are very leveraged to economic growth,” he says.

Not saying there is not going to be a recession just saying this faggot doesn't know shit and the market could go up another X number of years. BTW, I worked at Bank of America in 2011 and every major US bank had to do stress test. Every stress test model for every bank that time was saying that it was a certainty that there was going to be a double dip recession.


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LMAO doesnt matter if the U.S has the strongest domestic/ international market when Its competing with itself. will 2020 Q1 beat 2019 Q4? No? -60%

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the perfect time was the day after trump won in 2016. now is not a good time. exit the market and wait to see who wins in 2020. if a dem wins, especially an anti-american retard like bernie or warren, stocks are crashing to 0. if trump wins, stocks will surge and continue to climb as manufacturing makes its way back to america and chinks and other offshore manufacturing nations are forced to play fair instead of getting away with currency manipulation to steal our trade

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yeah thats what I said bitch ass

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only the past 3 years because of all the pro-american trade policy the Trump administration is working on

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you could have said this any time in the last 7 years

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Except the US is nothing like Europe or Japan. The US created the modern economic order after WW2 and all it's institutions is entrenched in it. All trade is still done in US dollars for the most part. It would take a lot of change to make the US function like every other nation on earth.

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You're supposed to buy low and sell high. If this isn't high idk what is

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Not an option for me unfortunately.
>Huge fees for every trade, so small positions are impossible
>Foreign dividends are heavily garnished with fees on top, domestic companies never pay above 2%, which conveniently matches the rate of inflation
Where I live you can't make gains in the stock market, you have to be welathy in the first place to get access.

On the flip side, if you hold a shitcoin for 12 months there's no taxes. Crypto is literally my one hope to make it in life, I'll have to work until I die if it fails.

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That's actually something I've totally forgotten about. I started invest last year in September and only ever made 2 trades that had a fee. Shortly afterwards, every single brokeage went to $0 commission, and I've been making hella money in the market. It must suck to not be American because I wouldn't want to rely on crypto to make it.

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you deposited $1000 and then took a screencap. fag.

also all tripfags should be ignored until roped

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>low taxes
>no trading fees
Is the average American worker even aware of their privileged position when it comes to stocks? Literally just put in 100$ each week for a decade and you'll be fine. I think I'd be very comfy working a minimum wage job in New England. Do you still give green cards to Europeans?

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>tfw went back to college and broke in 2009
>tfw didnt get full time job until 2015
>tfw didnt really having savings to invest until this year
>tfw im already nearly 40yo

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>Is the average American worker even aware of their privileged position when it comes to stocks?

No, the average American is afraid of the stock market. They don't realize how easy it is make money, and if they do know anything about the market it's only because of their hands off 401k. The main problem people have with stocks is their fear of loss. Most don't wanna take the risk of losing cash when they could spend, but don't realize that they are already risking their retirement funds in the market.

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The only thing that matters is your income. In the US tiny homes are legal, so if you're serious about making it build or buy a tiny home for under 20k and put all your savings on rent into stocks and crypto. It's what I'd do if I had the option. Then time your purchase of a real home with boomer extinction and you'll be comfy by your early fifties. Too late to fuck sluts and travel but not too late to enjoy life.

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>Too late to fuck sluts and travel

How is too late do that? It literally gets easier as you get older because younger girls all have dad fetishes. It's only too late if you're married.

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if it crashed, could it realistically ever get to above the all time high again?

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>investing at ATH

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>It literally gets easier as you get older because younger girls all have dad fetishes.
How fucking naive can you get, that's a complete myth. It only works for men who were already Chads in their 20s, pic related.

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Of course, if world economy and GDP keep growing in the coming decades it's even inevitable. As long as we have enough oil we can go up indefinitely with occasional dips.

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You don't have to be Chad. Just fucking talk to them. It gets easier as you get older because you have less fucks to give and no false pretenses about getting into a relationship. Just sex.

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>if you hold a shitcoin for 12 months there's no taxes
Fellow Germanon? We share the same fate. I'm holding bitcoin, ethereum, chainlink and kleros. I hope any of these are gonna explode til next year or later, then I can enjoy my tax free gainz.

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c o p e

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Just buy cocaine if you want to have sex with whores so badly. It's disturbingly easy no matter how old you are.

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He means you dont actually get the minimum wage, you loose a good chunk to taxes so its in fact much lower than what they claim.

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Dividends are shit though.

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It's an oversight because German parliament members and therefore tax legislators are literal unironic boomers who can barely use a phone. If they knew what Crypto was they'd tax it to death. I'd much rather have the 2 years expiration limit for stock taxes back but what can you do.

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Opinions on GBTC? Would be a long term hold.

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Buying stocks is boring. Do your own research and investigation then gamble on options like a real man.

>t. Elon Musk has made me 37k since November.

I’m not even memeing, you have access to balance sheets and all kinds of tools to evaluate a company. If you’re not a moron, you can do well for yourself. Buy KO, MCD and REYN. Also buy LINK.

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>just talk to girls bro!

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The problem with gambling is not that you don't make money, the problem is that you eventually start gambling with your earnings and then it's only a matter of time until you make a fatal mistake. Unless you have a very strict plan where you only gamble a portion of your weekly paycheck and always put the earnings in a safe portfolio. But if that was your approach you wouldn't be up 37k.

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I know some very ugly men that have gfs. Not everyone gets dealt the same hand, but you gotta play the one you've got. Unfortunately you've gotta deal with rejection if you're that ugly, but you can't give up.

I'm a 5'5 slightly overweight manlet with self-esteem issues. I get rejected sometime, but I know firsthand that pussy feels really good and companionship is nice, so I just deal with it until I stop getting rejected. You either take on the challenge or you don't get to fuck. Your choice.

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And yet here you are spending your weekend on 4chan with the rest of the incel losers.

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I only gamble 1k per bimonthly check, 2k into boomer stocks and the other 1k to sit in my checking acct. I also cash out my initial investment religiously.

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>Fed printed over a trillion dollars and loaned it out interest free
>Will continue to print more until at least April
>Every major company had at least 10 billion in debt
>Money is so cheap that it's better to just buy back your in stock than reduce liabilities
>Strong market

It's literally the financial equivalent of a 2008 troll face infinite money meme

Uber, Tesla, GE, Apple, AMD, Amazon, and all the other meme companies, will be destroyed in the next recession, when the free money dries up. Half the s&p will be declaring bankruptcy.

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You’re not wrong. That said, they said the pumping will continue until at least April so I am a bull until at least April.

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I have mandatory OT tomorrow morning and I'm going out tomorrow night to watch the Superbowl. You don't have to spend every waking moment of your life balls deep in some random thot, ya know? If you wanted to though, it's not that hard.

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If that's true then good for you.

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>Throwing money into worthless dogshit to make 2% gains

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>can print into infinity
>money will ever dry up

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i dont understand options and normie explanations on the internet confuse me. can you just give me a quick rundown on the platform you use to do it?

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we'll talk in 2 years when Bernie crashes the economy.

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God is a bitch.
stocks are a bubble thanks to QE. Who the fuck buys at the ath?

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>a woman should be a compliment to a man

Based and wisdompilled

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>LOL no. I make 14 dollars an hour which is more than most of you cucks
This faggot just bragged about making $14 an hour.
I can't even, I just can't! XDDD

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If you're working 50+ hours a week, you can actually do pretty alright on 14 dollars an hour. I make a little over $15/hr and pull in close to 4k a month before taxes because of OT.

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