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Another week spent in a cloistered, boring as fuck office in front of a screen as an adult virgin. I can’t believe my life turned out this way. I can’t believe I wasted my life.

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go see an escort anon

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Get an escort to come to your house tonight and suck your dick. It really isnt that difficult anon

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>Work in a giant room with no cubicles, no permanent desks and 50 people cramped into essentially 1m x 1m living space
>boomer lady comes up to me and is about to start talking to me
>can't escape in time
>leave at 5:45
>tramp pisses at the back of the bus and it runs down when we're doing down a hill and ruins my shoes and pants which stink now
>applying for better jobs
>boss cucks me and basically threatens to fire me if I take Tuesday off (said I had an appointment lol)

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>wagecuck job to manage a team of 20
>fix stupid mistakes others made over the weekend
>work more than required because I want a promotion
>mentor literal retards on how to do their job better
>top 2% in the whole company
>come in early one day
>get pulled aside and told I'm not performing well enough and I'm being let go

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hope I can get a job but due to how things developed lately, I don't know how I'll get it

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a good time to kys

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everyday consider your life as though you are preparing to die, build up all that misery in your life, accumulate it to the fullest, such that when you grow old and or sick and you know you are going to die, you will be joyful for your journey finally comes to an end and you can rest in peace. I think if death becomes something to look forward to, you have cancelled out all the negatives, when other people die they think it's tragic, when you go it's the best thing that could and will ever happen to you!

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This is what you need anon.

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my dad and i started a business together 3 years ago and it's finally taking off in a big way. i finally see some glimmer of light on the horizon. wish me luck, frens

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