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why are we here? The game is obviously rigged from the start for us to suffer but there are more to it than meets the NPC eye. WHY? Why the fuck? Those who search suffer. Those who give in and live it out NPC mode have it easy mode. Why does the game punish seekers and non-NPCs?

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The jewish ruling class doesnt like competition thats why.
They dont like that someone not from their families could be smarter, more talented and better than them. Thats why they sabotage everything, thats why they lie and thats why you have to be the NPC for them.
a very good example is art, none of these people have any talent thats why they invented modern art, that way they can just glue a banana on a wall instead of drawing something like the Mona Lisa that actually takes skill and effort.
Of course they dont want anyone to find that out so they punish everyone that asks too much questions.

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God punishes His believers while they live on Earth to teach them and show them the way. Those who do not believe will be punished with hell, but their lives on earth can be good while they last.

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Because they goyim aren’t supposed to know
Hence the meme the goyim know shut it down.
In real life people don’t know.

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I miss being 16 yo.

Also: You're on the right path, at least.

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go to pol you cuck .

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>Why does the game punish seekers and non-NPCs?
Because this is all about us and making us suffer. This is hell or purgatory.

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I don't exist when you don't see me

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"Jews" is just a convenient shorthand for "the ruling elite." They'll talk up competition but there's nothing they hate and fear more than an actual competitor.

/pol/tards give actual Jews much too much credit.

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I'm 32 fren. Ever since about 30 I see the signs of this meme reality. It is all about luck and not questioning too much. If you think the life you see with your eyes is what it is then I'm happy for you but that's not the case for some of us, think I'm low IQ or smth. I live an extremely good wealth wise life but lacking at the same time. I'm a brainlet who somehow makes 250k at FAANG programming with his headphones all day but see the pointlessness of it all.

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That's because God can use anyone to build His kingdom. If you would set your mind to the things of the spirit you can better understand the work that you do and its purpose.

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From yesterday

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it unironically is, as well as a few other non-jews

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Post makes no sense. It says all of that and then at the end "build an honest life for yourself", lmao, you can't, that's the point. What are you going to do? What job is there that fits that? Name one

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A job wherein love is the gain, not profit; and that could be any job on Earth, or none, depending on which you desire.

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Jacob Lund Fisker in his Early Retirement Extreme book speaks of renaissance man - someone who is skilled in various vectors rather than someone who is very one directional. I strive to be that man, maintain my own cars, do my own apartment from the ground up, do everything to perfection what I touch. Love my daughters. But is that enough? People are so divided.. I feel if you expose your inner side to someone your bound to be hurt so I just don't do it and am cold to outsiders. That creates a strong family unit but does not benefit the reality and does not benefit those other like minded. If you accept there is no point to it all and continue these ways you will live a happy life but inside you feel that you do a disservice to this sphere and its inhabitants.

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>why are we here? The game is obviously rigged from the start for us to suffer but there are more to it than meets the NPC eye.
we are born dead (in the flesh) and are doomed
it is only until you are born again under Jesus' guiding light that you are alive

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Again, doesn't make any sense. Every job you can do will only feed back into the 'system' exactly as described in that picture. Short of moving innawoods or maybe living in a smaller isolated community like some hippie there is literally nothing you can do as one man. Even then, you have taxes etc, there is nothing. It's just ebin utopian thinking. The only way out is through

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So you begin to see why accelerationism is a popular meme among political radicals these days. There's no Dark Continent left to settle if you don't like it here; every inch of planet Earth is spoken for. There are entire institutions designed to maintain the status quo for the benefit of the established.

The best you can do is stay true to yourself and use the existing systems to your benefit... that's the whole point of /biz/ innit?

"Poor and free rather than rich and enslaved. Of course, men want to be both rich and free, and this is what leads them at times to be poor and enslaved." - Albert Camus

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Maybe the people from whom you desire love are incapable of giving it. That is a very sad life indeed, but we all fall short of the glory of God. All we can do is believe.

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all you need.

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To obtain, something of equal value must be lost.That is the law of equivalent exchange. If you're unwilling to give up your conformity in order to risk to gain something that can give you worth, you're life will always be unfulfilling.

In other words, have sex.

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Literally the opposite is true. Those who search for more will have invested their life savings into crypto and will transcend to the next level.

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