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I've been in LINK since EO2k17 so it's been over 2 years... I thought this was supposed to be a long time in crypto, if you like at shit like Ethereum from 2015 to 2017 it did 10000x don't bother looking that up, it's probably even more. Has crypto been cucked by futures? What's taking so long this time?

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better sell then

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we live in a doomed
we cant make it
we have to suffer
we have to endure the pain
this is the worst timeline

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dunno bro but its starting to get tiresome, so so tiresome.

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chainlink is an elaborate pump and dump

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So so so so so tiresome

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What is a bear market after huge bubble

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Very basic one to be fair

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When the network is fully functional and working we will probably realize why it took so long. Let's also remember that chainlink is middleware, it connects things that until now could not be connected. So basically this is the last piece of the puzzle in many cases. So basically everybody need to be ready when the last part is putted down. To sum up, I would not be surprised if pivotal was fake and the project must "wait" for other participants for various reasons.

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It's simple, Ethereum wasn't a scam and has thousands of users.

Chainlink is a vaporware scam with 0 users.

>1+ year test net
>7 months main net
>nobody can name a single dapp with users using Chainlink oracles in production
>(with proof link to dapp.com/dappradar/etherscan)
>Linkers: this is bullish!

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The funniest part is that even if people started using oracles, they wouldn’t need Link. They could quite easily do anything Chainlink offers without the coin itself since it’s open source.

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There's no use cases and the pre-mine and distribution are criminal.

Don't know why you retards expect this to go any higher than 1 billion in market cap.

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crypto is over mate, sorry, we missed it

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People thought link was dead at 50 cents. Then we pumped to $5.

People think we'll never pump from $2.60. Just keep holdin bro. The next 10x leg up the journey is not too far away.

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That's why diversification is necessary and use regulated exchanges such as Binance US, CoinZoom, etc. to comply with all legalities. CoinZoom came up with a unique perspective and that is their Visa debit card from which you can debit directly for your day to day expenses from your holdings.

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