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What leverage you using anons?

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10x short from 300 on finex, got money just falling out of my pockets now. Join us chad shorters

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Thanks. Finex is limited to 3x though? I wanted more.

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oops you caught me lying. imagine shorting the real bitcoin, kek
>t. 1000 BSV alpha chad autist

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Imagine shorting the real Bitcoin

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Imagine not shorting such a trash tier shitcoin

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Ultimately stiffed

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anytime you put up a futures position for this, you can expect Calvin just wash pumping to squeeze you
if you want to short BSV, you need to wait until the P2SH mining starts, with the genesis fork

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imagine being enough of a retard to short an illiquid POS who's entier business model relies on retards FOMOing in and has a dedicated shill team and the backing of a billionaire

Calvin will use you as liqudity. It's 4d chess m8, the only way to win is to not touch it. Shorts getting rekt will fuel the rocket and provide another round of funding for the biggest paid shill camapign in crypto

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It's literally Bitcoin. Read the white paper.

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no, read the code first

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x3 my short is going to be epic

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The absute state of assblasted corekeks. Even if your BS greg talking points were true and not the consumer fraud that they really are, imagine being such a beta cuck to miss out on guranteed BSV gains

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Ok thanks for the update greg

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