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I own a solar brokerage in California and lately some asshole rep I let go has been fucking with our new recruits. Recently he hired some college student to stand outside of where we have our meeting on the street and hold a sign basically claiming we're ripping them off. Thoughts on legal action we could take? We had him sign an NDA when he signed up but he doesn't specifically discuss any of our business practices. He just has a sign that says "$2.60/Watt! If your base is any higher than that ask yourself where the difference is going"

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> Go up to college student.
> Here is $100 bill if you go away and don't come back to work again
> Cheaper than an attorney
> Public space, you have no case.

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So what's the base you're giving your new reps? What's standard for your area?

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I offered him that and he asked for a $1,000. I think the faggot told him I had money. He was back for our second meeting on Friday. I've started holding the meetings at my house.


We give them $3.40. $2.60 is the usual. For every kilowatt of electricity they sell for a solar system I get $500 and their recruiter gets $500. If they sell a 5 kilowatt system I get $2,500, and if they're my recruit then I get the full $5,000. I basically took a standard solar brokerage company and turned it into an MLM scheme.

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I hope it was fun while it lasted because it’s over. This youngin is exposing your scam

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3.4 ppw is the average price of a solar system in Cali. You have your reps selling solar at above average rates right off the bat so you can make not just a little money off them but a shitload while leaving them with very little? You're a greedy kike and deserves any headaches you have.

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don't rip people off

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>I offered him that and he asked for a $1,000. I think the faggot told him I had money. He was back for our second meeting on Friday. I've started holding the meetings at my house.

Based college chad thinking quickly. He's goong places. I'd say recruit him but he already knows your scam and probably sells solar at a better profit margin.

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Hire strippers to have a free solar awareness carwash directly next to them.

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I fucking knew this solar shit was a scam i fucking KNEW IT

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Of course it is. These solar companies sell 25 year leases and financing agreements to keep the payments low. I expect many people to default on these agreements, especially the "power purchase agreements" with escalators that increase the monthly payments every year. Sunnova pays the salesmen the most right now. Motherfuckers can make upwards of $30k on a deal if they price the people right. The trick is to sell solar in an area of the country with high energy rates and lots of sunshine. The people in these areas have no perspective on what solar should cost and all you do is swap their current electric bill for a cheaper solar electric rate while gouging them and making a large profit. Bakersfield, CA will be a depressed graveyard of defaulted solar systems because of what these faggot salesmen are doing to the area.

And Wallstreet is financing the entire operation while the Feds give the solar companies tax credits to stay in business.

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do you do high pressure sales on old people?

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oh wow and you didn't know we have ids on this board

fucking samefag

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Honestly I wonder how fast the US economy would crash if everyone circumvented the middle man and just bought straight from alibaba

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Well that is pretty steep to be Frank.

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Find that rep and kick his ass. Jesus fucking christ you subhuman californians are pussies.

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Pay $100-200 to some niggers to fuck him up as soon as he goes home. He won't come back.

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>brokerage in California
W-why did you post a picture of a house from the German city where I live?

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Sounds like you do not know how to play the fuck fuck game. You did this to your self

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Just kill him (in fortnite)

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I sell solar at a non escalation price.
0% for 20 years, so you’re fixed at $3.xx
It’s a bill swap the first year but with a lot of benefits/a product you get at the end of the agreement.

Powerful and exciting if you’re in it for the ecologic benefits.

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