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Will chainlink truly moon and change all our lives forever... i have this feeling inside me... it's hope, frens. I think we're actually gonna make it...

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It will. Chainlink will be a big thing. But not for you hopefuls trying to get rich overnight. Chainlink is an incredibly smart idea. If they manage to realise that idea, there is money to be made. But we are talking years, and years.

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Sure, /biz/ is never wrong

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We are going to out perform many in the next bullrun as we are now the most mainstream underdog which will put heavy buy pressure on normies when we start climbing. That in itself should easily pump us up around $10. Aside from that there are other factors like partnerships and new applications that can turn us parabolic. It's no longer a question to me of if the technology is needed and will be used by all mainstream payment systems in the near future. $1000 eoy is still just a meme for 2020, but I wouldn't be surprised to see triple digits this summer.

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Sell signal

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Jk 1k eoy chekem

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Off by one, fuck me with a brick

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