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How do I profit off female consumerism?

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>interracial dykes
>its a girls house
i would avoid this bisexual bitch like the plague

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Id think shed be a fun pump and dump.

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This is your typical Hunterchads house

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comfy nest

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Super comfy! Unironically.

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Cleaned it up a bit anon. What do you think she'll say?

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Buy LVMH stocks

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>Save a lot of money
>Space to excerise
>Can sleep on the floor
>Won't stub your toe on shit in the dark
Yeah I'm thinking based.

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She’s right. That bottled water is dangerously close to falling and making a mess. Put that shit further in or imma make a raucous!

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I really don't see the issue with this. Better than having your place cluttered with shit you don't need or serves no purpose other than to make your place look fuller.

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If you're some sort of businessman/socialize in order to go ahead, then sure as hell don't invite people over. You will be seen as weirdo and it will hurt you in long term.
Minimalism is one thing, other living like a hermit.
The fact there is just TV and a armchair would tell badly about you.

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Do you think this would satisfy her?

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Hobo tier.

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sell crystals wrapped in magic wire
sell empowering posters about girls written in the third person
sell magical salt candles
sell peruvian panflute music
sell self-help books
sell rabbit ear jelly vibes
sell chakra stone mandalas
sell pit bulls
sell anything that makes a bitch forget her insecurities for 5 minutes and makes her think she has a personality

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This is a good thread bc women drive spending. Id say cosmetics and anything weight loss related

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More like big ass clothing and KFC, cuz they ain't stopping

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solid post

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And shit they can customize, women love vidya where they can spend hours customizing their own favourite charachters to be just like them and their 'gurls'

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sell rocks.
Like actual fucking rocks.

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