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$3,200 is guaranteed.

You win this time Bobos.

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I thought death and golden crosses were highly overrated and only really matter if they happen when both lines are moving down or up, respectively.

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>retarded TA fag who draws lines
why am i still so poor mom?

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The lines just record a history of facts in a visual form.

If you're too retarded to interpret this, I have some XRP and LINK I'd like to unload on you.

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complete fucking noob here, what do the blue and black lines represent that make the respective crosses? I am 100% sold on TA btw, it has only ever made me money

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>I am 100% sold on TA btw, it has only ever made me money
>doens't even know what fucking moving averages are

the absolute state of crypto

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I hope so anon. Got nearly 100k in liquidity coming online in a few months. I'd rather see 2k BTC than 100k BTC.

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>post pic of greatest value investors who hate ta fags
>you will never make it.
consider the top list of billionaires...how many 'traders' appear on the list? 0.

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>what is shaking out weak hands before imminent break out due to halving

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what is delusion.

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>Shaking out weak hands

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based on this chart we have plenty of time (months) to exit. what are you worried about exactly? im a trader, I dgaf which way the market moves, as long as it keeps moving... you must be a HODLER hahaha fucking kek, learn to trade and stop crying, this fucking board man. literally pathetic.

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I see you're a man of culture as well

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I can't wait for the halving. It will be a flop and I'll be able to scoop up 1k btc

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one thread:
>heres my ta meme lines showing exactly why we are bullish!
another thread:
>heres my ta meme lines showing exactly why we are bearish!

and both you idiots will argue to the death why your meme lines are superior.
Its just honestly a shock to me that we are in the year 2020 and people still trade off of meme lines.

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I hope it goes down to 2.3 k
I just want to be able to own a whole bitcoin

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Baba Yaga will handle this situation.

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Halvening isn't something that will flop just because people don't believe anymore. It's a technical thing where miners selling pressure gets halved and so long as the demand remains at least 51% of what it is right before halving, prices will rise. Not to mention if demand just stays the same or increases + FOMOing from those that see the price rising steadily post-halvening.

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> patterns in a fully manipulated market that's cyclical and always dips around the chink new year

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>letting all the pajeets and nignogs buy in low

I can’t see it happening

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How does mining supply affect the BTC stored on exchanges?

You do realize that it's the supply of BTC held on exchanges or CFDs tethered to BTC that gets actively traded right?

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Gonna risk it all when it gets back to those levels...

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not him nor do i necessarily totally buy the halving narrative BUT

total outflow is still total outflow. the miners still have to sell their corn somewhere, even if its OTC its still counted as total outflow. halving does reduce outflow by a decent amount, the question is will inflow at least stay steady enough to see enough price appreciation to trigger a bullrun.

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That is a plausible point.
We shall see anon, we shall see.

I believe this will be the last major dip before the new mania phase. So get your buy orders in between $2-4K.

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>literally happened three months ago
lmao absolute state of bobos

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>I believe this will be the last major dip before the new mania phase. So get your buy orders in between $2-4K.

Maybe. The structure is still bullish on the lower timeframes. You do realize we are only like $1200 away from a weekly higher high at $9500?
Weekly trends have been the be all end all for bitcoin. If we do continue dipping, then yeah it could get ugly and we could see those levels again. Nothing is set in stone.

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U wont make it faggot

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Glyptoburrensee in one post right here

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Dumb stupid retarded bobos lmao

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This week will be crucial and confirm the auguries.

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