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Why Creg is so bully?

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why binance delist creg?

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cause creg is so bully

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craig's vishnu chain is the enemy of china


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CSW talks shit about bucket shops all the time and piss off CZ.

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We all know it's just another account for Calvin to shitpost on

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because he's a fraudulent twat, and the coin is a piece of shit garbage not even chinks want to be associated with

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Every time you fud this shitcoi. Rises just bought a stack 425 tomorrow

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Why do people hate Binance so much? Is it a US vs China thing?

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how is it fucking fud?
cz delisted the fraudulent twat for being a fraudulent twat and going round suing people calling him faketoshi. And that, my friend, is simple fact, not fud. The fraudulent twat obviously also tried to sue CZ/Binance, and got fucking rekt. What a surprise, that, eh. As CZ notes, loser pays. In the end, the losr always pays. And there is no bigger loser in crypto than the fraudulent twat. Proven. Fucking. Loser. Everyteim

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do you have proof that he is fraud?
if there is no proof, i see no reason to that delist, its against real capitalism to trying to ban some other product

but there are tens of exhanges where you can buy BSV, and i think BSV price is over $ 1000 quite soon

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listing would mean the exchange would have to hold bsv, and no one wants to hold that garbage

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>i see no reason to that delist
- better go argue with cz, he obviously sees the matter differently. And it would be a stupid man who calls cz dumb. Wouldn't it
>its against real capitalism to trying to ban some other product
- protecting your customers from scammers and blatant fraud is not 'against real capitalism'. And when the fat fraud disagrees, he should sue. Oh no, wait. He already tried that. And got fucking rekt. Again. Because he was, is and will always remain, an utter loser. Fact, in an industry full of frauds and scammers, he didn't get Calvins shitcoin delisted JUST for being a scammer. No, he had the added bonus of being a complete fucking arsehole, one who talks shit everytime he opens his mouth. The complete package, this cunt. Found any Satoshi keys lately?

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well, you can see that BCH losing battle against BSV

BSV price continue rising, so more and more people want to hold BSV

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No way he's Satoshi with this kind of shit he pulls. Threats and fake proof. Szabo is without any doubt Satoshi.

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So what? This is the perfect crypto wildcard since ETH. Good luck boyos.

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God damn you shills are low IQ

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of course we have proof. he keeps saying he has the keys and then when hes supposed to provide them he says lol nevermind dont have them
how fucking stupid are you?

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Fact, in an industry full of frauds and scammers, how is it that CZ protected his customers from the only scam Bitcoin SV. CZ surely is /our/ guy

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'I promise guys muh bonded courier, i will prove i got the private keys by january 1st' craig assmunching kike wright

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