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Is this really the new eth or should i just buy eth

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>all in link

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Digits confirm zero risk

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digits have been confirming this so long that they are tired of confirming truths. eventually the digits will turn against the no linkers and deceive them.

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Posting in epic thread

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I put 30% into link tonight cause of you anons. If digits I go all in tomorrow morning.

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I'm 98% in link.

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I'm all in, been buying since 20 cents. I can't tell you how comfy it is compared to chasing alts.

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Anyone who tells you they are all in arent actually all in

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literally am all in, besides some linkpool

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If you're young you should be taking big investment risks like this often. It's not much of a risk though really, the more you fall down the rabbit hole of link connections and possibilities the stronger your confidence will grow.

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Cheqd and based and redpilled

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I am very much all in. I'm an integration architect for software systems in the insurance/fintech space. I'm VERY much convinced that this is the next big thing.

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Compared to BTC, eth will not grow like it did in 2017. The reason it exploded in 2017 was because of the ICO craze--- to buy into all the many projects issued on the ETH chain, you needed Ether, which created a huge demand and spike in price. Most coin projects have already sold off all that eth they acquired in the ICO craze to fund themselves, which is why ETH has not recovered like BTC has. Short of there being another ICO craze, there is not enough buying pressure to drive Ethereum's price up like other projects will see this bull run. Buy BTC or LINK.

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Checked !

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Link is a scam that is pushed by the idiots who missed out on ETH

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Based. Fuck jannies

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public and private smart contracts will see adoption without being securely connected to off chain data

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Checked. 99% in, need some eth for gas transferring tokens

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will never*

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>this is what link mongrels believe

All you had to do was buy ETH, little faggot

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Yea I’m thinking flannel man is based.

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don't listen to the biz fucking echo chamber. 30% of the token is in Sergey's hands "to fund development". Another 35% was also held back for "node operator incentives". So, 65% of the token is held by Sergey and all you have is a promise that he wont dump it on you when/if the token price becomes too tempting not to.

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The time to do this was 20-30 cents, not at a billion market cap retard. You had two years.

All in Kleros and hope it gives you similar or higher gains long term.

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based and checked

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Fucking checked. Getting a 20k loan right now. All in LINK

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Got about 30k in BTC and 75k in LINK. About 90k in stocks/options. I make 40k a year delivering pizza so im really hoping this shit doesnt crash, lost 40k last october in the market.

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based digit

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Very based. Well, what’s your move OP? You literally had 2, going on 3 years yet you’re still not sure?

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all in link if you want to lose all your money

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