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What do you when your boss is yelling at you? Especially when it’s in front of your oneitis while you clasp your hands and apologize profusely

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You uncuck yourself mentally and never ever utter the word "oneitis" again.

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What is a boss?

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pull out your dick and assert dominance

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imagine if she straddled your face and took a giant shit right down your throat

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My bad, I should’ve said work crush. She calls me her work hubby so maybe I should say my “work wifey”?

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Idk. My boss is 5'1 and I'm 6'3. Rather than trying not to be embarrassed, it takes every fiber of my being not get fucking burst out with pure laughter when I get shit

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I look him right in the fucking eyes the whole time, and when he's done I say "sorry sir, it won't happen again". Works every time!

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>working in a shithole where you get yelled at

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If you're her hubby are you holding her around her waist and touching her back?

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you quit lol

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shot in the dark here, are you one of those "incels?"

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The last boss I had (3 years ago) couldn't go one day without screaming at me. I wouldn't raise my voice back, but I would tell him things like, "if you're going to falsely accuse me of things, try not to change your story so much" and "the 19 year old girl you replaced was better at her job than you are" or "If you even had the authority to fire me, then DO IT. Protip: you don't."

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Bosses don't generally give shit to incels, as incels are good goy hard workers. It's the chads talking to the chicks out of break time that get the most flak

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>boss is yelling at you?
lol, does this really happen to americans?

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Look at the feces clipper on that bitch

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1 year supply of B12

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Fuck bro, no. Oneitis is better

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Holy fuck dude...

the hottest girl on biz for sure...

so fresh so young, OMFG...

i'd cum in her pussy at least 10 times a day

>27 year old roid head

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ples post source sirs

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I picture this happening to yurofags as well. Particularly German or Italian bosses

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never been yelled at by a boss

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Is there anything else to do other than laugh in their face & quit

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Might take some Test E soon for fitness as well as social boldness. what's your stack roidbro?

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tell her you find "work hubby" to be silghtly off putting and not to call you that.
>hat do you when your boss is yelling at you?
depends on the industry and pay. But in general you should not put up with that more than once or twice a year, dont be afried of change

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Good question, what are other signs to define work wifey?

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are you hispanic? supposedly smone American companies tried paying thier outsourced Mexican locations more money, and they came to work LESS. because they only work to get a certain amount of money

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>in front of your oneitis
Does this have meaning? Or am I old and just not hip to the new lingo?

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one as in "the one" -itis as in a disease name ending in -itis, oneitis: mental illness and distress stemming overattachment to a singular whore for no reason other than she was the first one who made the patients pp tingle

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OP used the term not to mean the illness itself but to refer to the whore in question

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Thanks. Checked.

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How old is this girl? Sauce?

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Post the fucking sauce already damn

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Kill your self fucking Norman wageslob

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just here for sauce on girl

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Different anon here. I take 200 mg of T / week and 3 iu of growth / day. I get it from my dr and get my blood work once a month.

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got a resource i can use to get into this

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Nice. What can you comment about your social behavior since starting test? Also do you take finasteride to not get your hairline cucked?

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die pedo

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