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Calvin has slammed more nasty puss than maybe anyone in the world.
ITT we post pictures of Calvin's sexual conquests. I'll start.

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ok that is unironically not memeing definitely a tranny on the right

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me in the middle

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eww those tattoos on the girls are so bad

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Its funny because those goblinas are better than his usual slampigs. He must be meming or have a taste for trashy women

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Calvin's favorite slam pig
pic related

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Calvin dot jpeg

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isn't he a millionaire? why doesn't he get hotter chicks?

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nobody knows why he doesn't go above 6/10 ever, its one of the great mysteries of our time

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My guess is he is very greedy, probably even budgets his whore mongering.

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Why spend more than you need for thots?

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is this guy only attracted to ugly?

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>Great question, see, I'm more of a 6 and below man, myself

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calvin fucks. he fucks weird lookin ones, but he fucks.

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They're probably more desperate so the sex is better.

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he literally fucked everyone in that pic including the chinese midget in the middle

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God I wish I was him. Some of these women are hot

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Its common knowledge, i would never take good looking wife.

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A horse that good doesnt jumping haver that it have to be

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wow thank you for that, pajeet

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haha yeah man, you get it

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are you having a stroke?

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Literally language of gods

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This is why I love /biz/

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as others pointed out, he's pretty thrifty so even when it comes to sloots he deosnt go for prime rather than bargains.

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I always wanted to try living like this, are the women basically your sex slaves or are some of those not willing to suck your dick together with the others?

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Based stroke anon. Glad to see you're alive and well.

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Wrong here's a chunky 8

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supplying rich dudes with chicks is an actual industry. Its escort-light
Their DTF levels will vary

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>7 and above
no thanks

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lmao what the fuck is this

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A horse that haver suck a horse’s cock
Thank you cum again

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no heir

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Yeah man exactly

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couldn't have said it better myself

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Blessed Calvin single-handedly keeping the prostitute industry alive wherever he goes.

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There must be hundreds of little Calvins running around Bangkok alone.
Dude has been rawdogging ugly chicks every few hours since before you were born.

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This guy and Creg drink so much. Makes me miss it. Maybe when I make it I can drink again.

t. 2+ year sober anon

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>A horse that good doesnt jumping haver that it have to be

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>Dude has been rawdogging ugly chicks every few hours since before you were born.
fuckin baste

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shit, I'd rawdog those two. after three beers I'd nut inside too.

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More stds are being discovered on this man than the rate of new species in the amazon

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honestly he's the sole reason fertility rates are so high in undeveloped countries.
The UNDP's been trying to get him to stop, but it hasn't worked so far

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Do you think they charge hourly or per trip? I'm curious, I figure it's a huge expense to have them 24/7 when at his age you can probably only nut 2-3 times in a day.

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This nigga can’t read lmao

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he's a fucking billionaire dude

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>these are the people giving you financial advice

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it adds up nigga. Imagine paying 15 women daily that charge escort rates.

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it would cost $43m to have 5 hookers @ $100/h 12h/day over 20 years. it's not that much for him

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$100/h is way too fucking low.

Girls like this are >>16857360
probably going to charge him $400-500 at least + expenses.

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I'm going on 2 benders a year when I make it and spending 4 weeks a year in rehab

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you realize he is in the fucking jungle right

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And girls like these are not south east asian monkey natives

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the one on the right looks like a literal tranny. Is this the best a billion dollars can get you bros? why even make it?

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based and xanaxpilled

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He did say he dates only 6inchs and less.

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literally who?

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Based fucking retard.

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>A horse that good doesnt jumping haver that it have to be

>A have that haves doesnt jumping haver that it have to be

>A have that haves doesnt have haver that it have to have

>Hav have thave haves doesnt have haver that it have to have

>Hav have thave haves havsnt have haver hav have have have have

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>praising a man who slams tattoo up staceys

Not envious in the slightest. Knock one of them up and it’s game over. To me, it just doesn’t make much /biz/ness sense.

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the hotter ones doesnt let him take or at least post pictures. Im pretty sure he rails 10/10 escorts, they just really dont want their parrents know that calvin is slamming them for a few K an hour ayyy so naive you virgins are.

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>only nut 2-3 times in a day.
That's still a lot of COOMING.

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Chick on the left is a stripper from Oregon, where it looks like this was taken. Judging by her recent tats, she couldn't have been 20 in this photo. I swear to god it's the same chick I met when I was out there.

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i can almost smell the chlamydia through my screen.

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no heir lol

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but the question is, is he happy? did he ever find happiness in his life or are all those whores just there to fill the emptiness of his heart

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Imagine having absolutely no dignity or self-awareness as an old as fuck billionaire. Living like he's a 20 year old lmao. Nigga needs to grow up

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Stop it

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That whore on the right

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Going to use this for my next tattoo

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I actually know this girl from casino-marketing events. We're facebook friends. Nice girl.

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based and stroke-pilled

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In my experience, girls who are 10/10 or 9/10 are so used to be revered they really don't need to put up with anything and they don't really have to try hard for anything, they know they're the star.
Fuck them if you can but don't marry them, you'll find that 8/10 and 7/10 have generally a lot more to offer on every front

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How does one acheive his body type? Cheese, beer, and hgh?

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>only nut 2-3 times in a day
i can only nut once a day at most before it starts hurting and i'm 24. wtf is wrong with me?

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