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Silver is going to explode within a few years or sooner

Silver/Dollar ratio is currently $1121 per oz

The current price for silver is 18.13$ per oz

the current spot price for silver $18.08$ per oz

If you also into crypto but want a price of silver check this out:

https://www.agxsilver.io/ One AGX coin = 0,54$ physical silver

Articles and videos to get informed on why to buy into silver



[YouTube] Robert kiyosaki Gold,Silver and CryptoCurrency to replace the dollar by 2020 and beyond (embed)

[YouTube] Not Found (embed)

[YouTube] dollar to silver ratio over $1000 per ounce (embed)

[YouTube] Don't Buy The 90:1 Gold To Silver Ratio Now (embed)

[YouTube] Not Found (embed)

For Beginners [YouTube] BEST Silver Stacking Guide For Beginners - SAVE MONEY! (embed)

Best places to Silver at the moment( if you know any other good places to buy silver feel free to post links)







If you have anymore helpful information please post for the following updates on the next general!

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Why not use /pmg/

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Precious Metals General

Fun fact: Today I've made more money on Crypto than in the last 5 years with gold and silver.

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Shiny rock GUD
yello dragon not gud

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> Robert Kiyosaki
I was seduced by Rich Dad, Poor Dad once and while it did help me change how I look at and handle money I take almost everything Kiyosaki says with a grain of salt. That said, I think he is the best salesman of gold and silver out there. Every time he talks about gold and silver I want to buy more.

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I invest in both because they are both better than paper, fiat money. Crypto is still in its infancy so it has a lot more upside than Silver or Gold. I want them both to triumph over fiat.

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you shills brought my silver stack from 0oz to 450oz in 3 months. thank you.

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BTC is speculation, silver is stable speculation, gold is certainty. I’d recommend having all 3.

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you're welcome

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Your children will cherish the memory of you forever

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Slow down and diversify. It's not just about silver, the world is more complicated.

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Based holistic trips

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i dont wanna buy now when i almost bought at 15 euro a leaf

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exactly. it ain't for me. it'll stay in the basement until the grandkids need it for RAHOWA.

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Looking to buy some silver eagles just to dabble and JMBullion seems like a good source. Any opinions for or against? Will probably just get enough to get free shipping so not building a giant stack or anything.

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In my state you have to buy more than$1000 worth of bullion before you get the sales tax taken off

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Fun fact: no you didn’t

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No taxes then yes JMB or /r/pmsforsale. Craigslist so you don’t pay shipping and pay spot. My LCS doesn’t charge tax so I end up paying about the same as I would in a private sale. Kinda crazy.

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Cool thanks. In my state I think as long as it can be considered official currency it's tax free.

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give me several legit reasons why silver is important in the future

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is it worth it to accumulate silver if i'm a broken europoorean? feels like i'd get drained by the (((euro conversions))), premiums and shipping fees, not to mention vat tax and potentially capital gains tax if it does moon

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Right now silver is dirt cheap because more silver certificates have been issued than there is physical silver in existence. As the industrial demand for silver increases people will try to redeem these certificates for physical silver causing the bubble to finally burst, sending our shiny rocks to the moon in a blast. Did I get that right?

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No, I'd say Crypto is better for Europoors.

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You'll pay a decent premium for Eagles (~20%) so it will take a bit to make a return on that investment. However, you will never have a problem selling them and you should be able to sell them for a little over spot which makes back on that premium. Go for it.

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Unless we open the new silver mines and actually start mining more of it.

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1) Why have you considered investing in silver? Your answer(s) can help guide your decision here.

2) How much extra expense are you looking at?

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Yes but >>16854134. Just do what I do and stack silver until you reach the gold:silver ratio and then switch it out for silver and start again. You will get gold and you will catch the silver moon along the way if it happens.

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I wouldn't know which cryptocoin to get. Since satoshi left feels like they are running like headless chickens with all these forks, simply pumping and dumping them. Original btc looks like shit too imo because it's clear it can't scale while it's also a shitty storage of value. I don't buy the whole "digital gold" narrative. All cryptos look worthless to me.
1) I like the idea of physically holding shiny things that may increase in value over time.
2) I could spend around 300 usd monthly

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-Banks are hoarding it
-It is necessary for current and future technology to thrive (excellent conductor of electricity)
-Its pretty

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Anyone know of any sources that breakdown modern electronics and say how much silver is in each device? Old harddrives used to use gold when it was ~$300/oz but those days are long gone, and silver is apparently almost as good.

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Don't worry about all of those messy icky numbers. Just buy and chill.

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I will warn you first: silver will either moon shot in your lifetime or it will hold its value against inflation over time. I invest for the latter but will be overjoyed for the former. I recommend that you get ready for the long haul yourself. Second, I would not invest everything into silver. Never invest everything into a single asset class (commodities, precious metals, real estate, stock market, etc) so make sure that you have your general investment portfolio figured out and where precious metals will fit into it. PMs do not yield money and they appreciate at a slower rate than some other asset classes like stocks or real estate.

That said, if you have $300 to spend every month make a plan. Figure out the cheapest you can drive that shipping down and then maximize your shipments - i.e. probably buy on a monthly basis. The premium, VAT, and capital gains taxes effectively tell you how much you need the value of your silver to rise before selling.

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I want to touch my silver bars with bare hands and actually stack them on top of each other with no sleeves. Will this ruin the silver?

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Just ordered my first 5 Silver Eagles and a pack of 10 tubes. Maybe after a few years I can fill them up.

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Silver is highly corrosive. I would clean them afterwards if I were you.

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Nice digits. Take a 1 bar or coin a fondle it. Never sell it. Keep most of it shiny.

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>tfw when i own mining stock and physical

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Tarnish isnt corrosion. You aren't losing any metal if it tones, plus toned silver can be sexy as fuck.

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>Will this ruin the silver?
no. even if the outer layer oxidises it will still be silver and won't magically disappear unless you're constantly polishing your silver, and you won't be stacking anywhere near an amount where scratches and dings will reduce the mass of your silver to any significant degree, even over decades, unless you own a vault full of metals.
"silver bugs" are just prone to autism.

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if its generic silver go for it. If it is collectible status I would not (old engelhard or RCM 10 oz bars with low serial #'s I wouldnt.)

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fun fact, if you don't cash out on your gambling winnings it will go to 0

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thanks I appreciate your input. Should i care about junk silver or go straight for bullion coins?

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has been "real money" for centuries
Huge industrial demand
best conductor of electricity
supply is about to go down since all the easy to mine above ground silver is gone

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Wowww. Didnt expect the britannias to look this good.

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You almost got me today. Decided it’s time to buy a hedge and was going to buy 50k in GPR stock (silver mine analysts like). Saw that every recession hurt Silver prices bad though.

You really are better off going with gold, hedgewise anyways. Though I could see the Maga demographic piling into silver and causing a run. It’s a lot less dumb then Qanon.

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Nigger we aren't just headed for recession, it's gonna be a flat out currency crisis, that's why Silver.

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Gold for inflation. Silver for hyperinflation.

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He's right, troll.

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>touching them with your bare fingers

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Kek. No one will care about milk spots when the economy has collapsed. I love handling them. I only pull one out to play with though.

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I bought silver with bitcoin back in 2015 and it has been one of the worst purchases I've ever made

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I’ll buy your stack for spot

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You would have just bought video games with it if you hadn't bought the silver.

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...show other side>>16856543

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i-is there something wrong with it?

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Why to buy silver when you have decentralized database matematic proof?
curious here

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Monumental metals is not charging any taxes. why?

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You look kinda cute anon

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Probably because they're based. Check to make sure they are a registered businesses etc though.

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Kek well thank you. My face is a bit warped.

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It makes certain people angry

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You need massive amounts of silver wire in a fusion generator

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no. this guy does it.

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even on a coin she looks smug

miga, bitch!

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Norton you stupid piece of shit that better not be you buying Brittanias instead of Maples.

But honestly I approve. A diverse collection of pirate treasure is fun.

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Is palladium unstopable?

Will silver forever be irrelevant, since its primary use is industrial?

Yeah, guaranteed disaster
but this year? This decade? This century?
maybe, maybe not.

I guess that's "poured silver" so he can touch it without gloves.
Christ it really is just like collecting fucking rocks.
Just admiring his rock collection and remarking at how cool his facoti
>look at this this
>I got the anonymous mask, well the guy fawkes mask, but I like to call it anonymous
Oh but the best part
>that way I can let my stack grow itself
That's not how silver works...
jeez... This is really cringey...

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Finally got my first eagle

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Would I be alright buying 10oz every month to tap into this meme

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Palladium and rhodium are both also industrial

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Wtf is this shit

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nigger coin

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>nigger coin
I wish I had money to buy them all jus th to melt them into swastikas

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