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Haven't rebalanced since 2018. Not adding chainlink or bsv so don't bother.

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>Not adding bsv

That's too bad. idk man try getting in on the defi ponzi before it collapses spectacularly.

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BCH-BTC ratio is broken imo. Should watch out for sub 0.03 BCH and snatch that, it's going to AT LEAST 0.1 at some point and that's conservative.

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You don't need to add anything op.. so i'd say 10/10

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>nano, bch, iota, eth
redditor detected
you know the rules kind dear. exit quickly

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you have a pretty decent portfolio, though I would recommend you reading up on CENNZ to potentially add in there. They are doing pretty well and is likely to moon very soon with the amount of new users they are getting every month

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That's a sick stack. Maybe consolidate 3% and get some wildcards like waves, bat, zrx or smthn.

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Holding 100k+ eth in 2020 is retarded bro. Enjoy losing money

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I know you said don't bother, but link > nano and iota. Otherwise, looks pretty good.
Holding 100k+ eth in 2020 is one of the best things you could do.

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>not adding chainlink
>holding BCH and IOTA

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The ETH to BTC ratio is solid. Everything else sucks. Add MKR


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>posting fake blockfolios

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all cuck coins and will be worthless.
only bsv and chainlink will still be around 10 years from now brainelt

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Missing BRAP

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I agree nano and iota are my weak points now, but if reddit manages to pump them first then I will convert them to ETH. Sunk cost fallacy wins over me.

Nice cope.

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Pretty based portfolio. Too much BTC for my linking but otherwise good

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entire thing will be 20k by summer

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You can never have enough Bitcoin, its the only sure bet in this whole asset class

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On a scale from 1 to 10, you’re a 5. Start rebalancing and consider adding ALGO. DYOR to find out more about Algorand (ALGO).

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That's nothing, kiddo. Check out my very real and very heterosexual vanguard holdings

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