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Daily reminder that an unknown entity has been slowly building an attack against the BTC network using a rogue client for the past 6 months and nobody is talking about this.

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Fake news

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Daily reminder that Segwit is fucked and that only 15% of hashpower is required to utterly wreck it.

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Same with the other two forks.

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redpill me on this


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I take that back. I was meaning the hashpools. Both of them have a high amount of unknown. Although BCH is pretty much half and half ABC nodes and BU nodes. So that could be interesting. What will BU do if they get most of the network, will they actually unbound the blocks or what?

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What does this mean

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>pic shows unknown hashrate is rising
>OP somehow spins this into an "attack"
most likely explanation is that some shithole 3rd country dictator is buying tons of miners for shit & giggles

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pic shows some other implementation than bitcoin core is taking over

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i think the implication is that someone (a country) has been spending a fuckload of money (with no revenue) over the past 7 months repurposing their hashpower to mine fake blocks and eventually outpace the real longest chain, probably an attempt by western powers to debase china's BTC holdings desu senpai

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oh shi

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>schitzo cut-and-paste
take you meds and lay down

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hash rate been going up (hash rate bubble posters) but plot twist is it's gearing up a 51% attack

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>mine fake blocks
The chart clearly only shows valid Bitcoin blocks (part of the canonical BTC chain) so while what you're saying could happen it's not supported by the data in this chart.
Also OP you know that there are more implementations of Bitcoin other than Bitcoin Core right? Like btcd, bcoin, BU, etc and these are not "rogue clients" so stop fudding

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are you saying all those are blocks which have earned a spot on the current longest chain? educate me, what's the difference between core blocks, emergent consensus blocks, and "other" bitcoin blocks?

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>OP you know that there are more implementations of Bitcoin other than Bitcoin Core right

mate look around - you have thousands of pajeets (or possibly just Calvin Ayre) shitting up the board and mindless faggots eating it up. it's not surprising that the majority of the board has no clue what an implementation is.

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ok, I just shat my pants. Give it to me straight. Is Craig Satoshi?

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>other implementations
>pic related is me

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oh shit sry, forgot my Low Orbit Indian Curry on.

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no YOU are implementation

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Definitely gonna yolo a 10x short round may

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