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When will this be 1.19 million?!

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It’s already begun anon, you’re just too much of a chickenshit. Seize Whatever

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when you stop holding overvalued shit like LINK and start buying low mcaps with major potential like SHR sharering

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You got 120k I dont even.have 20k ypu fucking nigger crybaby nigger REE

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My life will only begin when I can stop cleaning up Indian poop code for a living

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Did you at least put in 20k? That was my fucking initial investment. You gotta spend money to earn money brah

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>771 days of holding Chainlink

Assblaster told me I'd be a millionaire by now

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2, maybe 3 years. 5 tops. I'm so excited for you.

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Carpe Aliquid

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link is a cool project, but its not a sure thing.

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>2, maybe 3 years. 5 tops

fug. Even another year is agony at this point

And 2 years ago they were saying Link is a scam

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2 years ago the price was closer to the current price that what it was 1 year ago
really makes you think huh

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if you move to eastern europe you can live like a king without working with that kind of money fag

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Sry. Not anymore. Some fucking retard pumped all our real estate. 120k buys you a solid apartment. Or a rotten house in bumfuck nowhere village. And then you can start wagecucking for 800 euros per month. All while praying burgers won't trigger Putin to burn us into the ground. Going to Eastern europe is a trap. We don't have niggers though which is very nice.

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When you go all in BTC

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>We don't have niggers though which is very nice
No but you have eastern europeans so nothing changes

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When you die

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The greatest scientist of mankind was Eastern European.Cope more, negro

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>putting all your money into something that will never actually be used

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Never gonna make it holding link. Only chance was buying like 1,000,000 when it was on etherdelta. Now it’ll go to $4-6 tops

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You sound like niggers when they learn there were some black Pharaohs, only that you are like "WE WUZ SCIENTIST N SHEEEEIT"
Eastern Europe is shit, Eastern Europeans are shit and it's a shame we western Europeans have to share it with you. You only exist to breed more Eastern European girls so that we can fuck them

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