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Patents are probably the most useless garbage thing you could ever have in a blockchain. And these stupid fuckers have over 600 of them


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explain why patents are useles

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you mean 10,000

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not when the protocol your patents protect is set in stone and never changes brainlet
those patents will become extremely valuable

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Cope lawlet

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Patents are useless???! Hahahahahahaha PLEBS

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Remove satoshi's consensus and no more issue with patents

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Crypto is supposed to be open source.

He's going aroud back and patenting other technologies to then license.

He will cause a devastating crash once the media picks up.

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The best time to sell this. The pump is on borrowed time.

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hahahahaha COOOOPE

Corecucks are gonna KYS in 2020, it's too much to bear to have their whole satanic delusional world come crashing down on them

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* all of his patents are design patents not utility (dyor on the difference)
* all of his patents were written by college students / pajeets
* none of his patents have tried to be enforced
* patent law only recognizes patents that are actively enforced
* conclusion: the patent warchest is simply a marketing gimmick....he has 600 pieces of paper that are pretty much useless....however it helps con the 100-120iq crowd which is particularly useful.

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imagine being this full of shit and cope

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>nervous low iq response

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHA watch as your world burns kike

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>creg cried
>creg promised to give away everything to africans
imagine giving this guy money....

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Satoshi didn’t want to patent BitCoin but once pedophiles like Greg Maxwell, Adam Back, and Samson Cuck hijacked his creation and used it exclusively for CP they forced his hand. Satoshi had to patent BitCoin and set the protocol in stone so it couldn’t be misused again.

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tell it to IBM Corecuck
Your segwit coin is going to 0$

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BSV is currently overvalued. Its fair value always lies below 1/2 the BCH price, meaning a collapse is on its way

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Low IQ cope poster

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you are stupid as fuck

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>Switzerland giving away monetary sovereignty to an antiguan faggot scammer team
kek, how dumb you need to be to believe this?

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>set in the stone
>hardfork to make satoshi coins spendable by a pedo gambler
kek, pick one

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Yes, sir, i be rich after it goes 98989898x sir, i will make my 100$ 989898998$ sir. Stifff hahaha

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greg stiff hahaha bls sirs buy bsv or my other shitcoins it be goes 34234234x and i escape bls sirs stifff

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majority of them too specific some of them too generic to be applicable also impossible to enforce them against opensource non profit development.

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ETH, Blockstream, EOS, CARDANO is non profit?? HAHAHAHA

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