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Is Tech Lead right? Is moving back in with your parents "cool now"? Is this what all smart and successful millionaires are doing?

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No it’s not. The only cool thing is buy a house and have you parents movie in with you. Fuck this turd who can’t even keep his marriage together.

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i would do it sans gf

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Narcissist sociopath

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It's a great way to save money in your 20s and not get into massive debt. Then you can use that money to move out and invest.

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fucking chink

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I'd be saving 1k a month that could go directly to student loans if I could have found a job near where my gran lives. She needs someone to take care of her anyway but alas I had to move 3 hours away, at least my cousins all live near her.

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>mfw nobody can stop me from mooching off my family while I save
Survival of the fittest

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the world doesn't work like that

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This is all I can think as well when looking at the thumbnail. Fucking chinks.

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I agree with this, I managed to save money from wageslaving for a down payment on a house and have my parents move in with me 2 years ago, and now im moving out and have another couple of grands saved up thanks to them.
Now i want to eventually return the favor and make it so i can give them luxuries and comfortableness they deserve.

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unless he's moving back in to take care of his parents, no its not cool.

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who cares what's "cool now"
it makes sense to live with your parents
unless your parents are some kiked american boomers and make you pay rent

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third worlders have a huge advantage over us by not stigmatizing living with their family. I think more westerners should live with their parents. My mom is extremely difficult to live with so I am hesitant to move back in but I am considering it.

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actually it does

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How is it "not cool"?

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>My mom is extremely difficult to live with so I am hesitant to move back in but I am considering it.
That's why westerners don't do that. Western parents think their kids are their slaves once they hit like 10 years old and can "help around the house doing chores" and shit. Meanwhile, other cultures know their kids are an investment that if you treat well will pay off when you're too old to take care of yourself. Western parents will get out in the worst nigger run homes they pay out of pocket for getting treated like shit.

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Do what you must to stack that cash.

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>hit like 10 years old and can "help around the house doing chores"
that's to build work ethic and basic life skills. yea hobbies and lessons are cool but they don't teach you some things that you need to know in life.

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He is the greatest vindication of the blackpill. Yeah you can get married if you're unattractive but its only as a betabux.

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Unfair advantage is the best.

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haha he got cucked so hard, let this be a warning to all the beta men who are still thinking about marriage. I have no sympathy for cucks thinking they are smart marrying a woman to get easy sex, In fact you are going to get less sex, Guaranteed. Absolute stupidity with the line of thinking that most men have. They think they are so smart with their finances but cannot even do the basic research on how to learn how to attract women and how their minds work. Women aren't fucking rocket science to figure out, If you play your cards right just being yourself any woman will fuck you within 3 days of meeting here

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>Noooo you can't move into property owned by your familly you have to Rent from the Apartment Congolomerates or get permission from the bank to get a loan for a house!!!

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i can vouch for this. married for seven years, 1 child, and had sex once in the last two years. no my wife does not sleep around she just doesn't have sex. she's a celibate and that means i'm an incel.

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The last part is false. Its all looks. Either a woman is sexually attracted to you or not.

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>tfw 28, make 70k per year, and still live with my parents

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Why not divorce her? Do you looksmatch your wife? Pretty dumb to get married to a non virgin in 2020.

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Right, This is advice from the perspective of being an average male. My advice is for an average lean male, not someone who is a fat sack of shit and 300lbs. With women it very much is about looks, The more muscle, the more attractiveness. This is why I advocate everyone to do pull ups daily, It will get you lean and toned if you have no money for weights/gym membership.

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Gymmaxxing is cope. No doubt being fat will drop you 4 points in the looks scale. But if you have a killer face and a lean body you're more attractive than a dude with an average face and killer body (think Jeff Seid)

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Living with parents is just efficient use of resources.

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Muscles only benefit your attractiveness so there is no downside to them in my book, being fat is a big no for most women, some will tolerate it if you have money or status but you'll be restricted to a certain tier of women definitely.

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Based low IQ losers
>live with parents not giving a fuck
>spend whole life relaxing and partying
>fresh new pussy every weekend
>have lots of kids paid for by the government from multiple women

Midwit 110 IQ white middle class cuck
>lmao dude move out at 18 and get 50k student loan debt
>30 year loan mortgage working some shitty job out of desperation
>finally at age 40 I have some excess money in my bank account(under 5k)
>finally at 45 I can save for retirement
>age 65 "I can't afford to retire" die alone with no kids because you thought you were too poor and were too cucked by ideology for welfare

130+ IQ asian immigrant
>live with parents until 30, focus on school and work
>get high paying job, buy a house with cash with parents help when you get married
>low stress, age well and eat a good diet low in PUFA, low cortisol levels
>scam welfare and affirmative action shit to finance your kids
>large prosperous family

It's over for westerners

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Muscles can only boost your looks by 1 point. Assuming you're already at a healthy bodyfat.

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yep, nothing fixes an ugly face, no matter how much muscle you have. unless of course you have plastic surgery.

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or we can just make it with chainlink

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>Why are millennials moving back in with their parents and not buying our converted shipping container homes under bridges for 300k?
>I just dont get it we raised the cost of homes in high crime areas to make them seem more appealing but no ones buying them
>I know lets create an 'air tax' that forces you pay up to 50% of your income depending on how clean the air is in your area to force everyone into the cities and industrial areas

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she was a virgin when i married her at 19. we are both 7 on a good day. just no sex drive.
i figured we stay together for the child. she has no desire for a divorce, it would come from myself.
sex is still important to me but i figure i've bred, might as well do semen retention and jack off every once in a while and focus on other things

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Get a new woman after the kid turns 18.

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Saving more money is cool in my books.

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What's so hard about laying on your back naked for 10 minutes? She doesn't respect you. Unless you are 2 look points above your wife she feels like she can do better.

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Tech lead is actually a psychopath if you do some research on him.

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proof. i know some 19 year old poojet exposed his course code as being shit and he tried to intimidate the guy.

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Why does this guy have a popular youtube channel? He comes off as totally arrogant, autistic and not at all charismatic. Or is this how all software devs/programmers behave?

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he worked at facebook and google as a senior software engineer and sounds like he knows what he is talking about (and does he know what he is talking about). plus his video editting skills are good and his videos are short.

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ok patrick

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I'm 25 and have no plans of moving out in the near future. I'm saving plenty of money, maxing out my 401(k), and paying off my student loans. I wouldn't be able to do any of that if I paid rent. Especially in Boston.

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what the fuck do you even mean by this

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Wait is Tech Lead not just a giant exaggeration/Larp/fake youtube drama? When i think about it, i've never seen him code so dont know if hes above uni cs level, or even set foot on a tech company campus, never really seen much of his family and because he's "financial minimalist" we never see him spend any money. Is he even rich?? If he really was that rich why does he need to sell that shitty fucking "nail the coding interview" course with Jooma?

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For some people, staying at home isn't really an option, you have a terrible situation at home or your parents kick you out. Maybe that's what he means.

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I have made a point of asking a lot of women this, and one thing they can all agree on is they've never seen someone with a nice body that they'd consider lower than a 6.
Obviously nice face helps but having a good body sets you a floor you cant go below. Also makes you healthier and gives you more energy to make more money, once you start exercising 'for women' it always turns into doing it for yourself after you realize how good it makes you feel. The real killer is when girls start noticing you and complimenting you and you just resent them because you know its just because of your body and literally nothing else.

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it's literallythe pic of <90 iq & >130 iQ frogs shaking hands while the 90 - 130 iq midwits roll in their own shit

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i only saw one vid where he said he lost 300k 'trading' commodities , then i saw all his cuck shit later. he seems pretty legit

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Living alone fag here
It sucks you have to work for everything ... you have to pay rent...
If you are a single son with no brothers and sisters... please stay with your parent.
OBv do not get marries.. it's not worth nowdays (women are not the some women in the 50' years)

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I think he's mostly joking and being an asshole in all of his vidoes

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He totally isn't.

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He isn't joking. He is a complete asshole.

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No. He's just an incel.

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>Getting married in 2020

Your wife will never fuck you because she had her fill giving free sex to every Chad around her since high school.

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he's "why you should travel alone video" is the biggest cope I have ever seen hahahahaa

bruh just go to some sex tourism country like thailand or colombia

>> No.16802294

Every time I travel alone I always get SSSS on my boarding pass and always get "randomly searched"

>> No.16802303

brutal, its over for travelcels

>> No.16802304

Yep, used to happen to me also. Then I cut off the beard and it stopped happening.

>> No.16802308

That is literally exactly how it works if your parents are not degenerate scum

>> No.16802312

I don't have a beard. I am also white. I think I'm on some watch list by fbi cucks

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Unironically this is what I am doing. The problem is, my family is retarded with money. They are upper middle class and spend money on the dumbest things like 10,000 dollars couches. I am saving, investing as much as possible so for THEIR sake I can take care of them when they are old AF.

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Lol, parents kicked me out at 20 and thought doing that was somehow helping me. Wasted alot of money doing that

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As an Indian I am just loling at all you dumb cum skins falling for jewish trickery itt, there is nothing wrong with multi generational households, in fact it was the norm before the move out at 18 meme spread. Yes my grandparents, parents and wife plus kids live in one house and yes I hold BSV you dirty cum skins

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It might be a little awkward fucking my girlfriend on the kitchen table if I knew my parents could walk in at any moment.

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its over for indians in the west. you dont have to worry about >>16802409 because even 1st gen indian women dont want you. so you can stay at home.

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It will NEVER be cool. Buying FRM will assist to ensure you never, ever have to worry about this.

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>just an incel
''muhhhhh incel''
you retard don't you see how RUINED are nowday girls?
Have you ever seen all the instagram pics with brap norman girls showing her big ass?
How in the hell could this be a ''normal thing'' ?
Immagine in the 50' years in USA a wife shows her ass to everyone
Everyone would have called her ''WHORE FUC*ING WHORE''
Now it's normal
Women are fu*ced up.
I don't now you but I don't marry them

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>t. lazy 12 year old that doesnt want to make his bed

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>Jeff Seid
>average face

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Yes, of course. I had a rocky relationship with my parents when I was still in HS and even into my first year(s) of college, but eventually things mellowed out and we get along great now. I can't even begin to tell you how much I've saved in expenses and grief by living with them. Thankfully they're not the prying type so I enjoy the benefits of privacy as well as having all my needs met and a good amount of freedom too. But that's probably because I actually have my shit together and am not a deadbeat NEET.

Boomers kicking their kids out at 18 is literally one of the most sinister plots Jews have devised in destroying the family in this country.

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>some overhyped pornstar speaks for all women

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So many people don't see this picture on how lucky they are. You could save 3/4 of your salary if you live on a minimum. Except they all waste away their money instead of thinking about their future.

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Affirmative action actually is racist and discriminates against high IQ races in favor of giving the lowest IQ race- niggers entrance to colleges and careers. It is anti competitive meritocracy and it is causing issues. Affirmative action is problematic and should be abolished.

>> No.16804171

>female pornstars aren't just fully uninhibited women

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Don't be a dumb idiot, this is /biz/, we are financially smart. We live with our parents until the children are old enough so that you can move in with them. Save the rent money for linkies.

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Based and redpilled.

T. Married with a kid

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You save money but waste your life. In your 20's you should be out there and making yourself a man. If you live with parents you can't get laid, you don't have privacy, you don't have other people's respect (yes, it is important!), you don't have a good relationship with your parents and you don't have self respect.

It can't really be said that living with your parents is "for free" considering all the other fundamental things you miss out on. Some things are worth much more than money.

I have learned more things and matured more as a person in the one year I've been out than in the 3-4 years I was a neet. I wish I did it sooner.

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Moving out from parents place and being on your own (and not being financially dependant) is how a man makes it. I was stuck with my parents in my early 20, life was easy, they gave me money, honestly I didnt even work but nothing I had was really mine. It was embarassing to go out and tell people that(of course I lied one cant lie to himself), it was embarassing to myself to admit it.
I eventually manned the fuck up and moved out. I live in a shared apartment, make shitty money and I a my own man.

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He should rename his channel to Cuck Lead considering his experience in that field...

>> No.16804549

I get your point, but when I was living with my parents I was able to use the extra time and money I had to work on my projects and starting a business.

I’ve moved out now but with the extra £13,000 pa I was saving on rent and bills it would not have been possible.

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That cant be true, face wise I am a solid 4, maybe 5 on a good day, I am also 6'1 180 lbs and less than 10% body fat. I have seen women immiadetly notice my body then they kind of look at my clothes (I dress in relatively stylish, nice fitting brand clothes, but not homosexual tier fa), my shoes then at last they look at my face and I always see it... that mild dissapointment, it was all going so well until face.
It used to be really upsetting but now I dont care. Women do make passes at me, old women or fat women or both.

>> No.16804625

I guess consider that even if you're a 6 at minimum, many girls wouldn't consider touching a 6. remember pussy is artificially inflated in todays world so you're probably aiming down on the scale.
Or maybe that could just see the self doubt in your eyes. Humans have an innate sense of their status and women can sense it even if they don't realise it.
Work on self improvement for you, not for women - you already have nice body so work on your finances & your mindset.
Only when (once your successful enough) you stop caring about women do they start caring about you

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You imbecile its exactly the opposite. Chinks and gooks do way more at home than any spoiled westerner

>> No.16804655

Not ideal though. Imagine you have kids and you can't get rid of them until they're 30.

>> No.16804670

Feminism is one giant shit test.

>> No.16804696

Well yeah, that's the point. Because of that most guys are incel

>> No.16804697

Have you considered cheating on her? Being married makes you more attractive to women.

>> No.16804752

No they dont, competing with wife would be too great a stress for 99% of women for just an average man

>> No.16804846

>maxing out my 401(k),

401Ks are for people too lazy/stupid to learn to invest on their own you dingus. You're on a goddamned business and finance board, stop doing that. You're better than that.

>> No.16804917

>my shoes then at last they look at my face and I always see it... that mild dissapointment, it was all going so well until face.

How'd you fuck up this bad after you have their attention? Manlets like me are "cute" but girls making passes my way? HA. It sounds like you need a more upbeat or aggressive personality, in a sense that you need to own the room you walk into.

>> No.16804956

This, it's been hell.

>> No.16804974

You cannot "own the room" when you've been beaten down your whole life over your appearance.

>> No.16805554

Kek techlead is based af

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This is why they say money doesn't fix everything. If you have a massive ego, are insufferable and a shitty person in general, not even a billion dollars can help you be happy.
He made a video complaining how women are stupid for not matching him on tinder, because he's loaded and could turn their life around. He forgets that he's insufferable and no woman wants to be around him, even if he had a billion. Because his personality makes every minute with him hell on earth.

>> No.16806247

Shit advice, I bought a 300k house at 21 and now 7 years later it's worth 580k, I couldn't even manage that ROI on the stock market.

>> No.16806851

>Is moving back in with your parents "cool now"?
Be honest with yourself

Does this man look like someone who is "cool" ?

>> No.16807122

He is exTech Lead now guys.....

>> No.16807128

Nobody talked about renting you fucking retard. You are such a fucking stupid fuck yet so average American I reckon.

>> No.16807201

Save the money up for yourself and ditch them

>> No.16807240

His fault for being a half neet fag that doesnt work out and spends all his time validating himself on youtube and cultivating tech. Fuck this guy, he has million dollars and cant find time to work out

>> No.16807322

He is regressing. Should just get a sweet bachelor pad and fill his emptiness with useless hobbies and consumerism like a normal capitalist

>> No.16808050

I can't even handle 10 minutes of this guy. He is so unbelievably full of shit.

>> No.16808121

He is one of the only youtubers who kept it real both before and after making his money. Massive respect for this guy

>> No.16808125

>I eventually manned the fuck up and moved out. I live in a shared apartment, make shitty money and I a my own man.
yeah man, being a man is being a debt wageslave who will never retire
you sure made it buddy, as everyone knows making it involves putting what others think of you over your actual financial wellbeing
but nah you're a MAN, men don't need to retire because they're made to work XD right?

>> No.16808136

You're like a rat sitting in a vault instead of finding it in himself to venture out. Look down and check if your balls are in the right place

>> No.16808185

lmao, keep coping stupid nigger.
don't forget to pay your rent. oh what's that? no money to save?
it's ok at least this parasitic jewish idea that's been planted in your brain is satisfied!
you think you have balls because you're a bog standard norman retard? go back to facebook

>> No.16808572

They think you're a pedo or a human trafficker

>> No.16808802

>COOM overload

>> No.16809115

spoonfeed me

>> No.16809239

t. nigger

>> No.16809590

why are there so many fucking larpers here ?

>> No.16809836

Not a larper, just an orphan with inheritance

>> No.16809845


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itt room temp iq
why would any sane person who has supportive parents chose to throw away 50% of their wages on a small appartement rented from a boomer? makes it impossible to save money
im 20 and could move out any time but whats the point? because muuhh independence and adulthood? my parents allowed me to stay and save money until i can afford my own house. and the best thing is i can literally save up my entire salary since they pay for everything and if they demand rent at some point it wont be as much as a full rent. feelsgoodman
but yea i think more and more zoomers are waking up to the moving out meme and live with their parents to save a lot of money. my neighbours son is doing it too and when he started working he got a crappy old bmw and literally 3 months he already got a newer better car. this would never be possible in that timeframe if you were to pay almost half of your salary for rent

>> No.16810252

Affirmative actions fucks Asians over hard than whites.

>> No.16810517

No one is holding you back to mature but yourself.

>> No.16810543

my room temperature is 180

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>dude but you can't get laid living with parents

lmao @ u're parents

My mom will bring me and the whore breakfast in bed and when she leaves my dad's like "nice"

>> No.16811000

I moved out and still didn't get laid. It just made me mentally ill from all the isolation. Might as well save money and work on your skills while living with your parents.

>> No.16811007

It's just a cultural meme in the West. Most parts of the world, including other developed countries don't have that stigma.

>> No.16811742

waaa waaa waaa i care what other people think about me ooooo gonnna go spend all my money so some girl can come over and i can pay for her food so i can get a crumb of the pussy, i dont care if its costing me litteral thousands upons thousands a dollars per month. Now people know im a man because i have debt, it so much better to be dependant on bank and job than parents.

Moving out is a total trap, landlords and the rich promote because it almost a sure fire way to prevent a large portion of the middle class from ever establishing wealth.

You get tremendous compounding benefits by saving in your twenties, you can litterally never catch up from this.

Move back home, if a girl wont date you for it, shes a dumb bitch not worth your money.

>> No.16812527

Maybe they just don't have an option in other countries.

>> No.16812550

I was basically in debt all after college up until I was 29. Was living check to check. Sometimes had roommates, or sometimes had my own apartment. It was fun being independent and all that jazz but the best feeling is having a chunk of change in your bank account so you don't have to worry about month to month bills.

I made some money off crypto in 2017 and paid off my debt. Spent the rest in 2018 just chilling at my parents. Now I work remote and have been just saving.

Honestly, my quality of life is way fucking better. I'm turning 31 soon, and yes I'm going to eventually move back out in the next year or so. But my family is chill, and it's comfy as fuck.

>> No.16812570

I watched a couple of this guy's videos, and is it just me or does he seem retarded to anyone else?

>> No.16812581

He's clearly autistic and a completely immoral asshole.

>> No.16812599

He reminds me of Tai Lopez. He makes a bunch of claims and uses buzz words, but says absolutely nothing. Do we even have proof he ever was a tech lead or just his word?

>> No.16812658

I think it's probably true that he was at Google and Facebook.

What we don't have is the reasons why he was at each for such a short period of time, and what the reasons were for his departure/firing.

Maybe they hated him at both places. We'll probably never know.

>> No.16812684

the idea that you need to have your place to be considered grown up has its merits but most who move out are rent cucks

nothing wrong with living at home for a few years to save up

>> No.16812706

I also live with my parents and my gfs mother has rented a flat where she never lives. I only need to pay my food most of the time and only pay for my car. I can save 1-1,2k a month. Next month i will hopefully get a new job where i can get by bycicle so there are 200$ less costs for the car. Im saving this money up but dont know what to do with this.btw she is asian 19 and im american 27 we met in america. she is also working and paying her stuff buy her self besides the food Its like 70-80% me cause she is not full employed now.

What would i suggest? And how much money do i need. I dont want to work as a wagie so long in my live.

>> No.16812709

How do we know he was at both of those places? Tai Lopez said he owned all of the cars and houses when he didn't.

What if he was at those places but worked in the cafeteria, he was the tech lead of the grill or some shit?

>> No.16812731

Google and Facebook have legal teams crawling the web looking for something to make a big deal about. They would have those videos taken down really fast if he wasn't ever actually employed there.

>> No.16812745

Or was blatantly lying about the position.

There is a fair amount of truth in what he says as well. I believe he was a programmer, but a lot of his advice is also horrible shit, and if he had made these videos while working for me I'd fire him.

>> No.16812747

Does he actually say anything about those companies besides that he worked there once? They're probably large companies and don't always double check things unless the person is talking shit about them.

>> No.16812768

He doesn't say that much about the position, but he does talk some shit in multiple videos.

>> No.16812802

I just think neither of those companies cares enough to go after him. He's not important enough.

Maybe they just mistake him for some other random Asian worker.

>> No.16812827

define what an incel is

>> No.16812834

I travel a lot doing sales. Really dont want to rent and dont want to buy in the inflated market. Live with my folks a few months of the year. Feel like a loser at 40 but whatever. Tempted to do vanlife a bit but don't want to get jumped by niggers or freeze.

Trying to find something month to month but I might as well hang with my folks who I enjoy hanging with. Been doing airbnbs for hooking up with sluts but want a gf at my age. Suite blog.

>> No.16812842

Employer pays for everything when im travelling which is nice

>> No.16812858

It's possible. With some digging you could probably find one of his old co-workers and ask what he was like (if they exist).

>> No.16812868

Post pics of your Tinder sluts as proof.

>> No.16812873

Has anyone actually come out and said they worked with this guy? You'd think someone would as he has a somewhat large youtube channel. No even saying "Oh hey, I remember you from ___, what's up?"

>> No.16812968

probably not tinder. probably seeking

>> No.16813042

I don't know. I haven't really researched it.

>> No.16813486

this is not uncommon in certain cities e.g. toronto. even if you bought a condo in the last 5 years, you could easily have a place go from 250k to 600k

>> No.16813745

If you bought a house in the Washington DC area around 2010-15 then yeah this happens. Ever wonder how a yankee black can afford to live in a gated community in the south?

>> No.16814161

This is his Linkedin profile:

>> No.16814481

that's not "moving back in" that's just staying with them until you move out

>> No.16814626

marriage or long term live-in relationships are decisions not to be taken lightly. 95% of the cases, there will be thottery from the woman. I lucked out and chose the right one after years of searching and having lots of disappointments. Don't rule it out, just keep in mind that's it's a difficult decision, like picking the right stonk.

same, but I still have sex daily. not everyone gets it like this.


>she just doesn't have sex

with you.

this is happening in the next 5 years, mark my words.

as to the moving out part: Moving out is preferred, don't fool yourselves. Maturity comes at a price, the thing is that today's worlds' price is SO fucking high that loads of people are trying to delude themselves into thinking living with their parents is good.

>> No.16814633

Yeah bro, just land a 100k job out of high school like i did bro

>> No.16814711
File: 79 KB, 640x619, 1521457034640.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

incredibly based

>> No.16814752

Yeah. They either bought in a fantastic market or are LARPing.
I bought a ~300k house in the 2nd best school district in the state I live in about 10 years after graduating and saving. After costs (HOA, property tax, mortgage, maintenance), the house basically appreciates just ever so slightly faster than inflation. Last time I checked, I "make" about 0.3%/yr relative to the house or ~2.1% relative to the equity I have in the house.

I'll take it, but we're not setting any financial world speed records any time soon.

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