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Sip sip. Just poured myself a glass

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drown in it then. sage

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US Marines 10/7/83 [gay for pay?]
Sergey fortnite dance
Trust the plan

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hot piss on the tip of your lips again?

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$1k EOY

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Why did you post Zelda?

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Sell at $2.5

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price goes up, larp threads popping up everywhere

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$1k is fud

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Drunkanon, any new info?

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we all really bout to get rich as fuck off a meme arent we LMAO fuck

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drunk anon said he's never coming back larping faggot

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how does the ganges river water taste?

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If you are DrunkAnon, confirm it.

If you confirm, I will trade ebic crumb for ebic crump to the joy of all LINK hodlers.

May this thread be golden.

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We dont need crumbs anymore anon. The bread is in full view.

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What do you know what do you say

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Trips and I reveal. I just jmhad a kentucky mule

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Go fuck yourself

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Hansel and Gretel used breadcrumbs to find their way home.

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ur a what?

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Sip the fuck out and never come back

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mule piss? from your favorite horse jonny?

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Wrong time zone faggot

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>he isn't on Universal Time but only some country specific shit

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okay tell me nigger

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fuck off mr. fireworks

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Giv crummies

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Rolling for 1k eoy

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This mule kicks. Spill it

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what fucker

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trips sip sip

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Ding ding ding

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Based nigga is based.

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any day OP

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Drinking 2014 Duckhorn Cabernet

Check em bois

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If digits ill spill the beans

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not the real drunk anon

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Satan wills it

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Every freaking time

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Idk if I can do it again...

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Well well well...

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Nice one anon, pouring myself one more and will type out everything

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Three holes in the ground?

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If you drink that much prune juice before going night nights you're going to get a tummy ache, yessss you are.

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I'm a Muslim man but I have to admit that pregnant Sergey really turns me on. I keep fantasizing about putting my seed inside him and watching new life grow... We get married, he gives birth, and we raise that baby under the blessings of Allah. I want to hold hands with Sergey, and looking into his eyes say 'I love you.' I think of myself taking our son to his first day at school, watching that strong and masculine boy develop amazing computer skills like his dad.

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