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>doesn't practice sleep hygiene

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>"sleeps in" on weekends

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>spends time on 4chan

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This is the answer we all know to be true. I have taken countless redpills from this site, but ironically the final redpill is that 4chan is not a place to build success

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>thinking IQ matters
>letting other men live in his head rent free

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>lack of confidence

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Idk man. I'm pretty successful and I visit here often. It's entertaining.

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I'm happy for you man, but you're a rare exception to the rule. 4Chan is just another form of escapism. The difference with shit like alcohol is that most people know what they're getting into if they abuse it, browsing here is just done anonymously and no one here actually talks about it in the real world, so getting off excessive browsing has to be done alone. Not to mention we can liberally call others niggers and faggots. There's a reason why
>Remember, you're here forever
is a meme

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Poor money management.

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I visit here often because im a loser NEET & i feel among my own kind here. I couldnt imagine spending 1 second here if I was successful or made it, unless I was just miserable & lonely like Frenchbro

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Idk I'm also pretty damn successful and Ive been on 4chan since 07. This place attracts a lot of smart people. It's funny and it's definitely helped me in certain aspects of my life

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yeah I'm sure you would be the french faggot 2.0

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>lacks a sense of entitlement, thinks he needs to play fair and 'wait his turn'
>doesn't know how to market their skills, whatever they are
>takes terminal risks that preclude trying again
>>letting other men live in his head rent free

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> not having Ferrum staked in the diamond pool

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