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I really cannot believe we sound pretty much exactly the same 3ish years later. “It’s a scam!” “No one will use it!” “This coin is dead!”

Have some laughs. Nothing has changed:


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Will we ever have $100 Chainlink?

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>was browsing this dumpster fire of a board back in 2016
>didnt make it

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this but since day 1

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And yet still, no one uses ethereum

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Yes. We will absolutely have $100 Chainlink.

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I was a normie fucking my normie gf once or twice a week. she told me to look into eth and I didn't. should I kms?

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No you should just buy Chainlink. The universe is giving you a second chance.

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Market cycles are not a meme. What we we witnessed with BTC will happen to ETH.

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This poor guy could have cashed out today for $750,000.00 at the very bottom.

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>History will be divided in two parts: BE and AE. Bitcoin is going to be a forgotten relic of the BE (Before Ethereum) era, and Ethereum will rule supreme in this AE Crypto2.0 era. Ethereum is going to be bigger than the industrial revolution, bigger than the big bang.

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What are the chances the fudders are some of the same ppl fudding link today

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I have around 6k link, basically the same situation. God I cannot wait to be rich.

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It’s interesting that even the most optimistic poster on this thread only guessed that ETH could reach $1000 and it sounded like they were halfway joking.

I wonder if anyone on that thread made it.

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maybe, just like some will make it. It's all fun and games till link actually shoots up, the day will be glorious brother. /biz/ will be filled with green and red wojaks.

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Sounds like bsv

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should I say, /biz/ is destined to the mooning of link. It is already in effect, Chainlink IS going to $1000 by 2025. It is happening.

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Nothing will change, though. The memes are fractal. Chainlink will dip to $99.83 and the board will see three Nicothreads pop up instantly "OOOOOOOOOOHHHH LIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNKKKIIIIIIEEEEESSSS"

Uncle Oldfag will post: "You didn't really think link was going to stay at $500 forever, did you? Its going straight to zero, stinkmarines"

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I do agree because people will see the occurence of eth falling from 1400$ and will use the same reasoning and logic when chainlink dips once it rises. The people that got a 5-10k stack or even as little as 2k will be blessed. This is exactly the same as investing in btc.

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I mean.. they were right. Difference is the price is a little higher.

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quant level fud

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you would have to have gotten justed that bigly to become the levels of salty they are
so 100%

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Same as Quant threads

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>comparing chainshit to bitcoin

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I was there for the early days of ethereum. BAT looks spookily similar. Long BAT and then sell at $60 and move back into ETH.

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Anons, we all know we're gonna make it however I'm getting more and more unsecure on our exit strategy. Governments all over the place are clamping down on crypto. AML policies and shit. Will we ever be able to cash out our millions without the bank freezing our assets and the public prosecutor raping our asses?

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It’s the negativity bias. The sky is always falling.

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It probably depends on where you live. If you are in the US, I doubt this will happen in the near future if you pay your taxes. The cat is out of the bag and there isn’t much they can do to stop it.

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>Same as Quant threads
Lol fuck off dumbass, all you had to do was buy LINK, instead you bought a shit rip off.

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I'm a eurofag in chinkland. My country is pretty oblivious to crypto for now but if one day my bank account goes to 2 or 3 million...I'm sure I would be contacted by some jew trying to get his share. Ultimately, after crypto, I will never feel comfortable trusting another party with my assets.

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