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And how do you plan to not fuck up in the next bullrun? Anyone here plan to sell in batches on the way up?

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I bought link and didn’t sell
I will sell when it’s too late probably

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seems pretty obvious at this point that coins that pay passive income are going to be the ones that really take off if there is to be another bull run

I plan to start dumping once FOMO really sets in, but only my staking gains at first. Once it seems we're really in an unsustainable parabola I'll probably sell 10% of my stack per week, hopefully getting enough to buy a home and live for a least a decade a high standard of living.

Then I wait for it to collpase again and check how my staking returns are doing. If it looks like the shit I'm is sustainable and didn't crash like in 2017 and people are actually using this shit, I'll buy back in.

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>selling ever

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>preferring wageslaving to freedom

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>Thinking there is another bullrun when everybody expects another bullrun after the halving

I wonder what could go wrong

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by not knowing shit about crypto except that it existed, aka missing out

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>next bullrun

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I held Bancor, sold my Antshares before rebranding to NEO

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>he doesn’t understand basic supply and demand
Im sorry anon, but i am afraid you have a terminal case of stupidity.

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Everyone is gonna think "it can't be so simple, I ain't falling for it" and then it's just gonna happen

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I dont expect a bull run like previous ones, but price will go up. Thats for sure 100%.Not only because of fundamentals of btc (cost of production) but inflation, and extraordinary hiperinflation in curencies like USD due to QE's and expansive politics of money supply.

Bitcoin will be worth $1M in less than 15 years.
But pretty much every asset would increase in price due to mentioned hyperinflation. A fucking piece of bread would cost you 10$

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Ah yes the famous “the market only behaves in a way nobody thinks it will” rule of economics.

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We obsessives expect it, normies have completely forgotten about crypto and won’t remember until it starts making headlines again

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I didn't fuck up actually. I managed to sell at the top (by accident because I needed money. I was so sad that I would lose out on all the gains, but I lost my job. Then eth went from over $1000 to like $200 in no time. I had 11 eth so I did fine.

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Lmao are you me


I sold DGB too early, didn’t hold ANS long enough, and entirely missed things like XRB

I think I’m just going to all in it next go round

T 25k stinkers

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also I expect many people to fuck themselves over at the next bullrun because they never tested their backups. if you don't test your backups start now. if you cant recover your funds now then there's still time to start over and accumulate.

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what makes you think that passive income coins will be big? they didn't seem too important over anything else in the 2017 run. which ones are you invested in?

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Fucked up by getting in too late. Heard about bitcoin way before I bought. Fell for the xrp meme. And with pure luck rode it perfectly from 0.20 to 2$. I was allin. Which unfortunately meant 4k only. Cashed out 40k$

Traveled. Now I hold 2.5 BTC and 1100 Link. I think I will do a nice x3-5 on BTC and x 4 on Link. Which is not enought. Until that time I put in 1k a month blindly. Never going to make it

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>doesn't understand what a market cycle is

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how did you live off of 40k for 3 years, did you wage?

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Not everybody has the tenacity to hold a unstable, speculative asset for 4 years. Probably only 10% of the people that bought in 2017 are still holding bags.

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This mindset is what caused many people to make a ton of money in 2017 but never cash out. Fuck you.

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So many ways...easily the two worst though we're buying xrp for .01 and never selling...it went over 4.00....and buying with at 7 and never selling...

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I did both of these too...still have, I can't believe ant was over 100 at some point and I bought for 1.00 and didn't sell

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You're already too late to sell

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where did you believe the btc top was?

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meant for >>16718292

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>buying with at 7 and never selling...

This is supposed to be eth...,bought 250 at 7 and still have them...

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I was drunk with greed, I thought btc I bought at 700 was going to 50k...

Lol so stupid. I still have everything I ever bought between 2012 to 2017. Im still way in the green but haven't made it yet.

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The biggest mistake of all was not paying attention to Charlie Lee. He is the insiders insider, he tweeted the day the bubble was going to pop exactly(CME...) AND he announced that he was selling his entire LTC holding which was also at the absolute top.
It was peak stupidity in retrospect to not know that the founder of the second coin, a coinbase insider, didn't know something we all didn't. This is the biggest lesson of the 2018 collapse...

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Traveled for one year which costed me 15k. Blew another 15 on a leveraged position. Started waging again a few months ago. 82k base salary

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this. fucking chink

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I told two autistics tier normies it’s a good time to buy bitcoin and they looked at me like I was retarded. Normies are gone till the news says it’s parabolic again

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I’ll sell batches above 100k the buy back in next time below 66.6k.

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I remember seeing that tweet too, damn

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wonder how this guy is doing. kek

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I think if you review further, you'll find the tweets about cme first contracts hitting Jan 17th or 18th and that things would start falling. He tried to warn us without outright saying to sell...

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test your backups?

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it's inevitable it's human nature but it can happen when nobody expects it sure.

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i bought in 2016 first and in 2018 too
let me tell you this image needs sharks gators and mines

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as in use whatever your backup is to get access to your funds just to ensure that they work. if any of your backup info depends on your memory it is super important to recall that information regularly

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Yep, I stopped paying attention to crypto for a couple years and just recently got back in and tried to get into my accounts and none of that shit worked. Took about a week to get into everything, would’ve Been fucked if this was the run

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oh ya ok thanks

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You're way, way too late to sale, just hold the bag for me

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Seems to me that quantum proof coins will be the next big ticket items.

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The only fuck up I did was not selling at the top (had around 140k with an initial of 7k). But I did go all in LINK around june 2018 so I'm way past my alll time high of 2017 now so it really wasn't such a fuck up in the end. It hurt seeing my portfolio in the red for months on end though, not gonna lie.

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bitcoin is reasonably quantum proof for the next 3 decades minimum

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Still, I can imagine a lot of hype attaching to quantum resistant shitcoins. Lattice encryption would be a comfy shill.

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Never sell everything. Keep a healthy 10-20% of everything you touch.

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I'm selling 10% of my link at 500$,75% at 1000$ and 25% never selling is my strategy. 8k stack so we'll see what happens.

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thats 110% anon

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>thats 110% anon

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i'm selling 90% at $100, 95% at $500 and 100% at $1000.

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Yeah. Especially since everything will be getting DDoSed again by normies flowing in and regulatory agencies getting woke and making tons of requests.

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This is a real thing...make sure your exchange logins work..exchange still exists, etc..I didn't pay attention in 2018 only to find out poloniex closed down and bittrex kicked out my jurisdiction. I lost shitcoins on poloniex, nothing insane, I got all my bittrex stuff but literally have shit I can't sell on an exchange at the moment.

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Dude he literally told everyone wow. What got me was the infograph showing a market cycle with euphoria complacency capitulation etc. Then I also saw the same charts for the previous bubbles and fear got me so I was lucky I guess. I sold DBC for like 500% gains which only took about 3 weeks if that although I was at almost 900% at one point. I can't believe I even bought that trash looking back fuck now Im all in LINK and randomly Telcoin but that is down like 98% or something lmao

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If you're smart, you'll only have 3 bags. All other shit is meaningless. This will also shield you from any potential fuckery.

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Back in 2010 I was interested in crypto, even tried to mine Bitcoin on my PC at home. Had no idea you could just invest in it.

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I started talking to my cat on a regular basis as introspection to work out if I was insane or not putting thousands of dollars into a decentralized middleware product. I talked myself into DCA'ing down over an 18 month period. Those swings made me a man though, I don't even care about price anymore. 5 years we should be golden granted I hope to god its 2 years or less lmao

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I believe it will be fairly obvious when we're close to the top ($250k) in the same way it was fairly obvious that $3k-$4k was the bottom

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I first got into crypto when btc was $400. Knew about monero at $2. Knew about verge before like literally anyone on earth knew about it. Verge was the one that could have made me a multi millionaire. Like tens of millions easily. So there I am when btc is $400. I'm in college and don't have a job so just coasting on student loans and money from parents. Kinda figured I should drop out of college get a wage cuck job and dump all the money I make into crypto. But didn't. I bought a few crypto coins with my student loan money but eventually had to sell most of it cause I needed money. At one point I sold all my altcoins for btc cause I thought btc was about to go up but then the next day the price of btc stayed the same but all the alt coins I sold skyrocketed and I was like oh ok. So I made no money on the alt coin boom. And then later was when I had to sell my btc to pay rent and shit. And then btc went to 20k and again I was like oh ok. And then at some point I was researching coins with tiny market caps so I could get rich quick. I stumbled upon verge and read that it was a fork of dogecoin and verge had one developer. I figured it could take off so I bought around $200 worth of verge I think I had 250k verge coins. I eventually sold all my verge cause I figured why buy some alt coin with one dev? There's no way it'll do well vs coins with big teams... So I sold and forgot about it. Then like a year later I'm browsing coinmarketcap and see something called verge with a marketcap of like 2 bill or something. And im like hm that coins familiar. So I look at it and then I remember and I'm like FUCK. If I sold verge at the top I would have made $55,000 on my $200 investment.

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not too late just put 20k into xrp and forget about it. you will thank me later

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Lost you at first sentence when I realized how long this post was. Anywho, cool story

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>Dude he literally told everyone wow.
Yes,yes he did...

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forget about it for how long?

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>If I sold verge at the top I would have made $55,000 on my $200 investment.
hahahaha literally did the same thing. I had about 250k too and I sold them for shit all

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It’s turned me off shitcoins completely
I think if I had just kept my bitcoin I would have ended up with more bitcoin even if I sold my shitcoins at the perfect top (which is unlikely)

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nooo, just keep flipping shitcoins and keep getting JUSTed ad nauseum
then post pink wojaks

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Got into TenX, ARK and SKY. I fucked up hard. Lost 120 of mined ETH. + 15K invested money.
Lost doing leverage trading on Bitmex also.

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have you heard about Libra?

this little crypto scheme isn't going to last forever without actual usage for goods and services

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dude your scaring me...stop

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Sold 150 AntShares to cover BTC short at ~$4k which got liquidated few hours later

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sell the rights to hollywood to make up for your loss

nah tbf, i feel the pain and i think a shitton of anons here do too

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