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Crypto is dead, CSW is a fraud
CZ is a fraud
Ethereum is useless
BTC is a Ponzi
Also traps that are hot don't exist
There is no God
There is no meaning to life

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take your blackpill and shove it where your JIDF boyfriend penetrates you

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>CSW is a fraud
seething btc tranny detected. Craig is Satoshi whether you like it or not

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If only you knew how not seething things are

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No way, how could something that is speculative and zero sum be dead?

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and its boring fucking dickheads like you arguing THIS FUCKING SHITE endlessly despite every proof to the contrary that will (probably) prove the nail in the crypto coffin. Fuck 'csw'. I sincerely hope this wanker receives exactly what he deserves this coming year. And that most certainly won't be recognition as Satoshi. Fraudulent Fucking Wanker, fuck him, fuck 'Jimmy' and the Antiguan Junior Twerk Appreciation Society boomer and fuck all their shills. To the Big Fire with the fucking lot of you, you shitshower of useless and annoying twats

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BSV is the last chance to make it, if it fails, it is all ogre.
our creation and continuity is too complex for some random occurrence 100 bazillion years ago
life is about survival and procreating in the missionary position with the lights off as much as you can before you die
absolutely seething and rent free, take your meds psycho

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>went fwee
fucking twat

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I completely agree
You are not correct

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lol u MAD

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Haha you put your faith in faketoshi you absolute retards hahaha

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