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here's the truth:

The tulip Trust is bullshit but Craig does have the coins. He's had them this entire time, as well as a second 1million Bitcoin stack that he bought very early on when it was under a dollar. This in fact caused the first bull market along with a number of exchanges going up. Satoshi was the first person to pump Bitcoin.

All in all, he has about 1.8 million unsplit Bitcoin as well as 500k BCH/BSV from his private mining pools.

Calvin Ayre has roughly 35 exahash and is by far the biggest private miner in Bitcoin/sha256

Roger Ver will be adding BSV to the Bitcoin.com wallet in Q1 2020

Also, nChain plans to bring 70gb blocks through at least 5 different companies following the Genesis upgrade and halvening. Craig has already signed privately for every one of these companies.

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Nah, he isn't Satoshi. He's just a disgusting faggot. Calvin's mining power is nowhere near that high.

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the only thing that leaks is pic related's asshole

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Seems plausible. I think Craig will sell of all the coins he can except the coins that are strongly connected to the satoshi moniker. He probably won't move the before btc is worthless

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