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another Christmas alone with no gifts

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Why do you want gifts? Do you need stuff?

Or do you need tokens to signify that your loved ones care about you?

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Atleast you guys didnt fight with your family because you tried to redpill them about moloch and epstein.

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I bought 20 for myself. Will get a few with the family though.

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Same here, hang in there fren we're gonna make it.

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> Alone for Christmas
> Mr. Sheckelstein got me a $50 gift card
At least I have Mr. Sheckelstein

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me, too

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here's a cutie for you fren

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Fuck it, not a bad idea.

Here's my favorite Banepost, you fags. Merry Christmas.

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I'm sorry to hear that, it is a hard time of year to be alone, but you have frens here. Merry Christmas to all.

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Merry Christmas to You Good guy anon/fren!

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>your friends are 4channers

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Another escapee!

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Happy Christmas frens. We are all here for you. Maybe go to midnight mass in church. Carols and good cheer.

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Thanks fren, I needed this : )

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Sounds comfy desu

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Merry Christmas, you are never alone, Christ is in you

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Same here anons>>16653072
Sad as fuck to be honest

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Don't worry fren
we are your gifts

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get cz card and buy whatever you want fren. become self-sustainable

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drink and shitpost like the rest of us. Running around buying shit noone needs is waste of hard earned money.

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We're on a sub section of an autist community, what do you expect when you're the autist of the autists?

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Buy yourself a Nerva bag. Soon it'll be the gift that keeps on giving.

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Lucky you.

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come defend japanese women from haters on int

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Ye, it's never been easy rolling solo.
Hang in there brother.

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I fight literally everyday with my boomers retarded parents to redpill them on the JQ since 9 years. I made over 20 powerpoints and various exposés over the years, offered them countless books on the matter (which they never ever dared to open). The goylem talmudic software is so deeply implemented in their brain they'd prefer to slit their throats than saying just even once for joking "the holocaust is a hoax" or "jews run the medias and finance" in front of me for me to stop harassing them. Hell, I think they'd actually prefer to kill me and my brothers before having to say such a thing. Submission to the kike overlords is their only religion, it's their way of living. They don't even have a single fren who's a kike, hell my dad's only direct interaction with a kike is when he got scammed by one and had to fill a complaint in court to get back his money, it's just the result of constant talmudvision propaganda alone. Tho for their defense i live in the most kike submissive ZOG worldwide with the US (France).
It's all so tiresome.

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I got a girl to come to my house and fuck girls around here are obviously raising money for christmas because she was young very clean and very pretty.

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