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Literally had a heart attack from waging so hard

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Next time better 420 packages

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Imagine having a truck full of merchandise and spending your whole day delivering it to fat niggers instead of just stealing it and selling it on craigslist

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>instead of just stealing it and selling it on craigslist

Are you 10?

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fucking wage slaves

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yeah, not like he would have ended up in jail for doing that...

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>dying from a 12 hour shift of driving a truck

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The absolute cuck, probably got a daughter and a "daughter" as well

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This. Dude was soft

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My cousin drives for UPS and his now ex wife wracked them up with 60K in CC debt, lost a bunch of weight and left him. Now he pays her alimony, child support on 3 kids, and his part of their massive debt AND pays some bills of his new hambeast gf who has a half nigger kid.

So apparently the drivers are compensated well enough.

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I work at the post office and delivered around 180 packages plus mail one day and didnt die from waging lol. Granted a lot of the packages were small

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*one day last week

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At least he isn't a slave anymore.

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In film industry we work 12-15 hours a day and one guy died by falling asleep driving on the way home

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I wonder who is really the fat nigger here anon

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the USA is the greatest goy farm in all of human history. literally an entire nation of room temperature iq homunculi who takes kike cock up their ass 24/7 and beg for more

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Probably the cuck who keeled over delivering packages for UPS leaving his wife and kids to fend for themselves.

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>In film industry we suck dick 12-15 hours a day and one guy died by falling asleep driving on the way home
Jesus that must be horrible.

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100k+ is normal, heard 120-160 with max OT and a couple years seniority in libfaggot places. That's for the terrible city (cdl b or even non cdl) drivers. The actual truck drivers make like half of that for even longer shifts because clown world.

I drive 10+ hours a day (12-16 hours on duty), 7 days a week, for months on end. Where one second of relaxing kills you civic driving soiniggers.

Maybe you guys should stop raping kids for a day and man up?

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this is why i work as little as possible

my colleagues spend every day at work doing overtime so they can earn a bit more every year and afford 4+ holidays etc

id rather sleep

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and no one cares

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Maybe he should have bought FRM and at least had the piece of mine he only had a few years left to work.

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Utterly wrong. The city guys MIGHT hit 100k with overtime, but the actual truck drivers are a coveted position requiring decades of seniority. The city guys spend most of their time running packages to customers, upstairs, in the rain, snow, heat, etc. the trucks are not air conditioned, it’s a hard job. Not many fat UPS drivers. The long haul guys sit in a climate controlled truck all day, with heated seats (in the union contract), and make $10 an hour more (all drivers are hourly, also in the contract).
t. former UPS loader

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imagine being this retarded

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He is a victim of the onions empire. Many Americans makes earned good husband points and those Nintendo switches don't ship themselves! Also they need them quick since Amazon offers next day delivery.

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Theres some tranny cock and asshole over on aisle 9. Fucking clean it up jannie.

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>Seen on the highway, the freight OTR truckers for UPS earn $57,886.40 per year based off of user contributions on Glassdoor and Indeed.com for our 2018 update. That breaks down to $27.83 per hour.

>According to the company, this is 34% higher than the national average for most OTR drivers. Our research shows that is not completely accurate as our industry average for 2018 is 66,711.

Although I see 37.25 for high demand areas (temp seasonal position, on call, 5 days tops, no total hrs but max would be <60).

30/hr for team with shitty hours/required hometime.

Both of those are just breaking 100k at max possible hours.

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Your a retarded faggot.

“Feeder” drivers aka long haul drivers only make .10c more an hour than regular ups delivery guys. Some hubs have sleeper routes were driver get paid mileage, those guys can make 140k+ a year.

Source: I been a ups driver for 12 years. The job is easy as fuck as long as your not weak mentally. Most people now and days are mentally week and cucked and run around all day in fear of not “running the number” that management expects. The union specifically protects us from these bullshit impossible production standards. I work at my pace, I’m done when I’m done. They could fuck off if they think I’m going to bust my ass day after day.

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Hmmmm weird i make $39.08 and my gross for the year is $123,000

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A real cuck is cucked both in private and professional life.

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This guy is correct

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Obviously you lol

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Also to add, I should clear right around 97k this year. I’m opted in on the no excessive overtime list so I work about 44-47 hours a week. There are money hungry fuckbois who work 55+ hours. They probably make about 110-120k a year.

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Slave for me goyim
Die for me goyim

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based disabled anon

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live by the cuck, die by the cuck

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Why so many men like this? Act like beast of burden to support family

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The US has always been a slave republic. How new are you?

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>spend the first 18 years of your life learning nothing of value
>also fail to develop any kind of trade or specialized skill during this time
>become a UPS driver as a consequence of your feckless nature
>work is stressful and shit
>die instead of getting another job or going back to college
what a fucking loser lmao

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the absolute state of wagies, when will they learn?

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God CEO's are so based.

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What's with leftist sensationalist titles? While it's sad that this guy died, his death was probably due in part to either some underlying health condition or a major lack of physical fitness. I'm sure that his job was no walk in the park but a 12 hour shift at work shouldn't kill a healthy adult male.

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oh I don't think janny's gonna be too quick about that one are you janny

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>imagine being a nigger
no thanks

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putting together premade burgers and running a $148B empire is the same thing

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the stress be gettin to you tho.
>be on time anon
>dont speed anon were watching you on drive cam 24/7
>dont violate your dot hours anon
>you dilivered to the wrong house anon slow it down
>your taking to long anon speed up but remember also be safe and dont speed
>be safe out their anon. ups driver just got kidnaped and murdered anon
>honey its Christmas eve and you have to work allday long again this year the kids are crying
>we got a record amout of packages this year you need to work faster anon but slow down corporate wants us to be safe out their
>chad called out anon we need you to double up today so speed it up

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Honestly, this very similar to how it is. We use telematics though instead of cameras.

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I would give my life to smell that thing.

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I knew a guy who worked on a set of Gotham where some PA got killed being run over or some stupid shit. The company gave the family an offer to pay the entire funeral in exchange for them not suing and they went with it cuz the family struggled. Dude was in his 50s, i feel like you're a fuckup if you're still a PA at that age

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smells like chocolate mixed with a small amout of garlic powder and baby powder
trust me

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kek i always call the office and raise hell if my package is late or missing

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Imagine being a nigger. Wait you don't have to imagine

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>works and athletic job
>probably eats like shit
desu i've never really understood why people that don't work high energy jobs don't do things like eat oatmeal, plant based diet, etc.
not saying it's not sad but jesus christ it blows my mind how people are still all
>i love my dollar menu, such juicy beef!

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wait why eat oatmeal?

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>exhausted after a long, shite day at work
>option A: delicious cheeseburger for $2, ready on the spot
>option B: spend 45 mins cooking bland rice and chicken and eating string beans and oatmeal
fuck off

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>he thinks those are the only two options
maybe you should have a plate of false dichotomies if you love them so much

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I'm compared the two options the anon I was replying to mentioned? Fuck off and learn to read

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i eat beef everyday and im still alive

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>just ordered something online
>not even for Christmas, don't even need it urgently
>chose the 1 day free shipping for Christmas option anyway

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Stay fat, faggot. I’ll flex on your grave after you die of a heart attack from eating all your “delicious” burgers.

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I'm 65kg and 5'10, shitposting is fun

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jeezus... I forgot about the Xmas I worked for UPS...
They had me riding a fucking bicycle with a trailer, busting my ass and stressing myself out over everything, trying to prove myself.

Mentally weak? Maybe. They call it an anxiety disorder I guess.

Glad I did it, don't want to be that guy again though. The mentality of "do your time, put in the work, go home" is much healthier.

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KEK i like your style. adding to the chaos even in the slightest of ways. a true man of OUR culture

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ITT: wagecucks bragging over who slaves the hardest.

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>a punishing 12 hour day delivering packages out of a van
>12 hour day
This wagecuck was weak. I used to do manual labor for days straight on coffee and roids and my hearts still going,

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Imagine working less than 60 hours a week. Step your game up.

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sad but true

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You people are fucking cruel and I'd bet none of you have kids. This story is sad. Father probably worked hard for his kids but didn't have enough sense to quit. 99% of you will never understand what it's like to sacrifice yourself like that.

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That's coming out of your next check. I'm not paying you to die, wagie!

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Fucking this

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Sheeit dats real hustle mayne

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Too bad, should've been born in 50's and afford a kid and wife

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I'm 23 right now and I have a kid, wife, and my own home, and I have no inheritance from my parents. I have no debt either, so i'm grateful that my parents were able to pay my college tuition. I'm not larping either. I genuinely think people who aren't doing as well and always say shit like "well the economy makes it so hard and boomers had it easy!" are, although correct, still just whiny, lazy idiots. It is harder now, but you people complaining that you don't have things as easy as your parents are fucking useless.

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He drives a fucking truck and delivers packages. I have more respect for fucking fast food workers and the shit they have to deal with. His work was not hard and you are a faggot.

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He's still just some fucking guy with kids though. He probably loved his kids and now he's dead. It is pretty sad.

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>fat nigger idea
>muh wagies
faggot.. just embarrass yourself more child.

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Your wife is cheating on you. Better to know now than later.

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anon are you this fucking dense? If he had a heart attack at such a young age, it doesn't matter what his job was. He was going to have one anyways.

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I'm getting richer now, but it took me years if not decades to be a go-getter (bloomer) and work like a motherfucker and only be able to pay rent, something is wrong here

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lie to anons on /biz/. Nobody fucking cares you jew. Defend boomers some more ass face.

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The whole world accepts jew cock. And the ones that don’t accept Chinese cock.

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anythings hard if you have to do it for 12 hours a day. I've done 13 hour days before and it was the most pointless bullshit. if we had just added one or two days to the schedule we could have done normal 8 hours and been done in almost the same time. Its just so management can flex on those who are too weak to stand up for themselves.

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Lol this board is so cynical and hurt they just assume everyone is as evil and out to get them as they are.

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absolutely based.

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Whoa you're right. It's almost like all the morons in this thread posting about wagies being overworked and "the system, man" are idiots, because this guy would have died anyway.

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What might be wrong is that I realized this kind of thing back in middle school and managed to get myself into a top Ivy League school from a public high school in the middle of nowhere, then studied finance and math and got a really nice job after graduating. I don't think I had any extra opportunities, I just remember actually giving a shit and working my ass off back in middle school and high school and all that. My theory is that you just have to start really young.

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Praise be Lord Kek.

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I used to be a courier
>deliver my 8 hours of packages in 5 hours
>Park somewhere and dick around for 3 hours
>still come back late and get overtime for working so hard
Everyone I worked with said the job was so hard, I just called them retarded.

Once my boss said he knew what I was doing, I asked if he wanted me to be like the rest of his crew. He said, just try to take 3 one hour breaks instead of a big one to keep head office off his back.

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>anythings hard if you have to do it for 12 hours a day.
Depends if you get breaks and if you dislike the people you work with. 16 hours is generally when it starts to get tiring, atleast for a young man it should be.

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Found the cheating wife.

>> No.16646562

> he still hasn't taken the PNK pill

you can literally make lawyer wages working on chain right now for barely any time imagine what happens during the next bubble

>> No.16646578

Looks like I can't argue back from that. The only response other than "no, I'm a guy" would be to get angry, right? You people have a hundred different insults and accusations to help yourselves cope with anyone who dares be better, richer, or just luckier than you.

>> No.16646587

Who does from a heart attack anymore? I've seen people coming of chest pain for 5 days, never came into the hospital cuz they were "scared" and still left OK after a week and stents Sounds like a larp.

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my autopsy
>A pal told the Sun on Sunday: ‘I saw him having coffee before he started his shift and he looked tired
caffeine and lack of sleep
also by the looks, clogged arteries or something from bad diet

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Whining that /biz/ is "fucking cruel" and that none of us have kids shows that, whatever your chromosomes are, you're a bitch.

>> No.16646622

Don't you ever get tired of posting the same memes over and over again?
>Somebody died? That's coming out of his paycheck! HAHAHAHAAHA LOL I POSTED IT AGAIN

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Don't get too worked up, ragie wagie. You've still got, what, a half day tomorrow?

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'Man like Paul Crush, in such a rush, to deliver dem parcels, his heart turned to mush.'

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>The union specifically protects us from these bullshit impossible production standards.
This. You only get cucked as a UPS driver if you're too much of a dumb pussy to call the bluff if some faggot supervisor fucks with you.

Teamsters jobs aren't like other low-level wagecuckery. As long as you're doing your job and not *blatantly* fucking things up, the union will tell your little assmad supe to go fuck himself if he gets froggy.

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You did not just turn this story into a roadman rap... Kek

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absolutely weak and pathetic

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what a hellish existence, sorry about your relative m8

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People everywhere are stupid, man. Just one example, Russians believe Putin is their savior even though he is probably the most corrupt in scale government official in post medieval times. Euros think Muslim integration will actually work. I mean, the world's full of fucking idiots.

>> No.16646976

Zappos gives me like $5 coupons sometimes and so I use it to buy a $5 item (usually a shirt on sale) and I always chose free 1 day shipping. This way the company (owned by Amazon btw) loses like $20 on shipping and logistics. Its so petty but it feels so good costing those fuckers a few pennies here an there. suggest everyone do this if you have the possibility.

>> No.16647027

fast food and min wage people are literally that entitled and believe they could do it

>> No.16647043

You're actually fucking dumb. To maintain power today you basically have to do things that people would consider corrupt. There's literally satanic jews running our entire shit.

>> No.16647126

that's based as fuck

>> No.16647129

this, corruption neutralizes corruption

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