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BTC is knocking on the bottom of the 2yMA right now. But it will not succeed this time round.

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You're not trying very hard Bobo. See you at 8500

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Whats your prediction for the short term?

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Here it is. If we break 7.6k then we are in a bull market, but I doubt it will happen until the new year.

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>2 year MA
Are you fucking serious

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yes im serious

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lol that doesn't make sense

an MA is a moving average, so it gives a number of periods for a given time frame i.e. 200 daily simple moving average or 21 hourly exponential moving average

2 year MA makes you sound like a fucking retard because you are one

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its gonna go down cuz it meeds to fill the cme gap now

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"2yr MA" is the same thing as the Weekly 200MA, the widely accepted floor for BTC, you fucking troglodyte.

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