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>gf's work husband is better looking than me

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Clean her up like a good cuck

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>work husband

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sorry OP, she belongs to the streets

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>gf gets new job
>gf is only woman in the company and works with 30 different men
>all of them better looking then me and probably earn more than I do

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Probably getting a train ran on her, goodluck OP

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You’ve already been cucked

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not a good sign my friend

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forgot to mention
>last week she was at that companies christmas party
>I picked her up semi drunk at 11:30PM

should I be worried?
is it normal to drink at christmas work parties?
also is it normal that they celebrate this at a bar?

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How is our culture even fucking sustainable?

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At least you have a gf

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store as much of your wealth in Monero right now desu, you're about to get divorce raped.

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Depends on if your gf is a whore or not

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how can you be with somebody you dont trust?

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the hell is a work husband?

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Protip: they’re all whores, only difference is the price

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Why weren’t you invited to the Christmas party as her +1 you cuck

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>implying you can trust any woman nowadays

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I was wagecucking longer that day and couldnt get there in time

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>He doesn't know

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>in engineering in the South
>oil and gas
>even the HR roasties are men

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>coworker is married
>she always is super smily around me and says stories about "Ugh, I hate it that my husband does x,y z." etc. One time when I was really stressed and overloaded with work, she "accidentally' got really close to see my computer screen and rubbed her boobs on my shoulder, could feel her breath on my neck. I turned and looked at her face and she was blushing.

I didn't do anything other than that but I consider her husband cucked.

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>he lets his wife work

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What is this image

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>thinking everybody is as slutty as you

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>work husband

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Yeah, but you fuck his daughter.

You won.

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It’s an American thing

Work wife/husband

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>is it normal to drink at christmas work parties?
>also is it normal that they celebrate this at a bar?
>is it normal to get drunk at a bar?
Pretty clear this is some fantasy LARP of yours and you'll die alone.

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Maybe you can't, but provided you haven't rushed into a relationship, any man with a bit of sense and a good head on his shoulders can train his woman to be loyal.

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Please do tell us more Mr. Alpha Male

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People covertly taking photos of Calvin Ayre for a laugh. You should see his haircut lmao.

t. billionaire but random people still treat you like a freak

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Yeah but think about it logically, to have a daughter in the first place you had to fuck someone else's daughter. So it's really just a cycle.

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mgtow are just as stupid as feminists

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threads like this are why I'll always be a paranoid bf

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please dont tell us more pathetic rambling about women

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>oh well
>tee hee
> guess I'll go have fun alone with all these guys
>oh, hi Chad

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What the fuck is wrong with you!? It's not about being an alpha male, it's about not being a fucking retard.
The fact that you think that kind of talking is some kind of puffed up super-chad LARPing speaks thunderously more about your insecurity.
Always remember - a woman is a reflection of the man she's with.
If you're a materialist - she'll be a gold digger
If you're a manchild - she'll be a codependent.

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and if you're an insecure paranoid beta, she'll cuckhold you for real

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>HR is men
how does that go?

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When I was 21 years old working retail, my big breasted redhead coworker started getting close to me. One night she asked if I'd go to this outdoor bar place that a store customer owned and had been begging her to go to. She made it sound like she didn't want to go. I went after work with her one night, she was bitching nonstop about her husband who owned a sheet metal business. Pressed me to drink. I didn't pick up on the cues though and left.

Another night, she decides to tag along on the graveyard shift which I was in charge of. Everyone had punched out except me cause I was trying to finish a project, it was 9pm or so. She insisted on staying despite having a family at own. I couldn't get the alarm to activate properly when we left either, and she bluntly said that we'll have to spend the night. God I wish I fucked that whore

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Where I work I am the work husband. I'm also the one who gets the sex, her real husband doesn't have time for her. I kind of feel bad desu, I haven't entered Chad mode yet.

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kek, i can tell my workfu likes me but i'm waiting until she breaks up with her bf

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dup btfo

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Came here to say this

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>is it normal to drink at christmas work parties?
>also is it normal that they celebrate this at a bar?
FFS Man. Yes, it was 11:30 ffs

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Fuckin Mutts, First worlders come read this BS.
>Work Husband
She would fuck if she wasn't in a relationship/would make working together different/you don't find out.

You brainwash yourselves

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>unironically thinking your gf was getting plowed by her coworkers in the bathroom of some bar at like 10pm
go see a psych, dude
you're experiencing paranoid delusions

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but daughters were always used to give to other men and link their family with yours
the only thing different now is that it doesn't mean anything anymore

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>get a new boyfriend, really happy because now my work friend Steve will leave me alone
>Call Steve my work husband to politely make it clear I would never have interest in him outside of being a coworker
>New boyfriend insecure about me working with men
>He would also shit on me if I wasn't an engineer like I am because non stem jobs are a meme to him
>All stem jobs are mostly male, so he is selecting women who defacto make him insecure
>Meanwhile steve is still a moron and feels me up at the company Christmas party, while plastered (although my male boss was molested far worse by a direct inferior and did nothing) so I ignore it and the whole office redicules him for it because they're savages
>Steve now thinks I did this
>Steve hates me
>Bf hears and is irrational. This fuels arguments about non issues leading to a breakup
>My boss consoles me, explains that he has my back and feels awful about what happened, really values my SKILLS as an engineer
>I move up
>Steve does not
>Acts like a twat until he gets a new job

Men were a fucking mistake. If it wasn't for how my Boss conducted myself, I'd be very jaded. Get over yourselves guys your fucking insecurities are self destructive. I'm not a perfect person, but being with me is definitely better than being alone.

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you hooked up with the boss eventually though, right?

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That's a fucked up situation, and it's pathetic that this world can't let you simply do your job and date someone without a mess of neuroses and insecurity getting in the way

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Show tits.

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>I'm not a perfect person, but being with me is definitely better than being alone
roasties really believe this kek

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>implying this isnt a man

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>go see a psych, dude

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>That's a fucked up situation, and it's pathetic that this world can't let you simply do your job and date someone without a mess of neuroses and insecurity getting in the way

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Kill yourself

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i encouraged my gf to quit work because i couldnt stand the thought of other men talking to her

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>sane and smart human being
:^ )

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chads don’t get paranoid, we laugh at women and their dumb actions. always know you’re the prize (unless you’re not chad)

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No. You are the emotional tampon and too fucking stupid to realize it

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>mfw gf comes back from xmas party at 8pm, a bit drunk and sucks my dick

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Some guys with gfs are incels at heart

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>gf"s club husband is not only better looking, but also much taller and muscular

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This is so true.

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Demoralizing cuck thread pushed by jewish subversion division to keep you alone and miserable and away from finding a good woman and reproducing, leave that to Jamal goy! BING BING WAHOO and porn is much better!

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How is this even related to business? Mods are lazy faggots.

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>be me
>air traffic controller
>watch women regularly violate FAA regulations which would get men disqualified and eventually fired
>watch women regularly punch out when they fuck everything up and force men to take over and unfuck their fucking mistakes
>watch them on their phones when they are supposed to be giving aircraft instructions
>bring it up to middle management
>get told to shut up and color
>female fucks up so badly that two aircraft carrying 100+ passengers each get within 200 feet of each other.
>teehee whoops at least I didn't scratch the paint!
>awkward laughter
>nothing happens to her
>male co-worker loses separation because a pilot wasn't paying attention to his instructions, aircraft were 2 miles from each other
>put on leave without pay while incident is investigated by a team
>of mostly women
>never see or hear from him again

Think twice about flying in the southeast USA. You are not in good hands.

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Our society is really heading for disaster isn't it?

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not larping, there is a legit chance she will fall for one of her colleague. you spend most of your time with colleagues and utlimately develop feelings. when i was a wagecuck i had a colleague (with a bf at the time) who fell for me hard. 1 year later she dumped him and was texting me non stop. too bad i wasn't into her though

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i fucking hate people who don't do their job correctly

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