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>mining a token

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pow to enforce scarcity. if you try hard you should be able to comprehend it.

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>PoW enforces scarcity
Scarcity for non-miners maybe you lying pajeet.

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Maybe in 20 years this will be worth something

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The miners have to dump their coins periodically to cover electricity costs. With virtually no trading volume that would drag the price down endlessly.

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you should try generating some by mining. you'd get an idea how hard it is pretty quickly.
by dump, you mean sell. it does push prices down for a while, but not forever, because of the reward eras.

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>Maybe in 20 years this will be worth something

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This was a great 40x. Best gains of my life. Buy Nerva.

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>"Literally nobody wants to buy my shittoken right now but they will most certainly buy it when the total supply gets halved"
Okay, Hadji

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it's easier to argue with people when you make up words they didn't say, isn't it.

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He's right and you're a faggot.

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it's the buyers market

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Same for bitcoin

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Come on dude. It's poo colored. Come. On.

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Yeah it's totally the same thing as Bitcoin apart from the fact that in half a day BTC gets as much volume as 0xBTC in a year. Are you even trying?

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*wash traded volume.
It's utterly dead otherwise

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If 0xbitcoin had the same amount of anons constantly shilling and making memes like chainlink had, this coin would be top 10 right now. But since it came out during the bear market its presence is hardly known. Another thing is No PREMINE, NO ICO. So 0xbitcoin doesn't have the proper funding.

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Nobody said anything about the volume being similar, miners are dumping both coins though, that's their entire business model for any pow coin
imagine 0xbtc entering the market in Nov 2017, shit would have been crazy

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I just hope awareness on 0xBitcoin continues to spread. And more tech develops around this special project.

>Imagine. Everything happens for a reason.

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We understand it just fine, it's a cool token but it's not a good investment. The market has already decided that on its own.

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0xbitcoin is complete bollocks. there is no reason to own a token you cant buy anything with. all it is is miners mining it and then either dumping it or holding it. theres no reason to BUY it.

scarcity is not a reason to buy something. the fact that something was produced by a neckbeard with a gpu is not a reason to buy something either.

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The market is retarded. If Richard Heart can accumulate almost 40,000Eth in less than two week it means there is a lot of people in crypto who are absolute retards. The market hasn't decided anything yet as it is to retarded to join into great projects. They will all come hoarding and FOMO'ing into 0xBitcoin.

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Richard Heart didn't make that much ETH on HEX, he probably used 75% of his own ETH to convince retards that it was something whales were actually putting money into

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BTC, LTC, DOGE, ETH and many others all were at this stage once, that's no argument
I admit 0xbtc doesn't look strong at all and it might be a failed funny experiment but "nobody uses it" was true for every crypto once and still is true for most of them actuallly

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But also every dead shitcoin has been in the same stage.

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So we agree it's not an argument for or against 0xbtc's future?

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bitcoin was USED to buy drugs

0xbitcoin is used for absolutely nothing and never will be because the community is just gay assed miners who dont build or sell anything worth buying

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fuck off with your shitcoin you gay little turd

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Are you dense? Satoshi didn't mine the first block to immediately buy drugs with the 50 btc he got from it. It took time to get enough users so that people trusted btc and exchanged it for goods.

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And thats a good thing? Silk Road and dark web markets are all Bitcoin and now Monero are spent on. Who uses Bitcoin anywhere else for small item purchases? No one. At least with the price of ETH gas fees and tx settlement time on Ethereum, 0xBitcoin could be used more efficiently as p2p cash. This is now. Wait for future upgrades to Ethereum. What makes it more reasonable to use is that 0xBitcoin is backed by honest proof of work and no founders reward or premine. It wont be subject to 51% attacks and a death spiral or halving spirals. It lives if miners stop mining unlike the real Bitcoin. Theres just no dapps right now to use like a fiat to 0xBitcoin ramp or a payment for goods dapp. These can be made now. No need for any more token projects. Build around THIS one.

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please be patient sir and u will be rewarded miraculously

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