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Just bought 200 BSV. Dont care about CSW, he could disappear and it wouldn't have any effect on the work being done by unwriter, Twetch, RelayX, Tokenized etc. There are so many apps being built right now. Money Button is about to hit 14k users soon as well.

This is the most excited I've been for crypto in many years.

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>I don't care about creg tho
This is the next phase of bsvajeet shill- coping

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CSW is a great teacher on understanding Bitcoin. I can't imagine him or Calvin risking BSV on him being something he's not. BSV stands on it own and doing some dumb shit would only hinder growth.

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Gullible and REKT

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Tell us more about yourself, anon.

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>14k users soon
My dog has more followers on instagram than this

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>third world bitcoin

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So just going off your image OP, what happens when someone starts uploading tons and tons of CP?

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>implying crime isnt illegal because Bitcoin
They go to jail.

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Other shit to focus on

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... and the blockchain is forever compromised

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This will never happen. Sorry. You're wrong.

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you can immutably share files over the bittorrent protocol too which actually performs pretty damn well in p2p sharing. nobody needs a blockchain for this crap.

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>CSW is a great teacher on understanding Bitcoin.
you have to be a sub 70 iq brainlet loser to lap up his technobabble.

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Miners can prune illicit material newfag.

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>don't use Bitcoin
>don't listen to CSW

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>the content is permanent
>miners can prune
pick one

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>miners can prune
Okay, that was hard. Read the whitepaper, retard.

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>14k users

considering that is the main financial interface for a shitcoin worth like a billion fucking dollars, that’s NOTHING. what a fucking joke.

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>14k users

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This means we are early. Imagine thinking this is bad lol

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Please tell me more about the Lightning Network


Someone in a chat I'm in made a MB account the other day and the userid number was something like [email protected]

Try for yourself, make an account and whatever your ID is is the number of total MB users.

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The hash/record is permanent, not neccesarily the content of the OP return (which I'm pretty sure is being phased out for OP_PUSHDATA soon)

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peak pilpul

I am in awe

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can we kill them yet?

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use bitcoin by all means just not for things that make no sense. and by bitcoin i obviously mean the original not the cheap knock offs.

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everyone knows what pruning is but it's completely pointless to prune blocks partially.

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Kill who?

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wait you actually think that data put on sv chain can not be altered?

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shut up I'm not asking you

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Nobody can use BTC for anything besides hodling. Also stfu. If someone wants to use Bitcoin for something who gives a fuck what a brainlet like you thinks of it? If a miner wants to take the transaction don't get in the fucking way.

Ok, retard.

Please by all means start acting out like the retards you are in the real world.

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>If someone wants to use Bitcoin for something who gives a fuck
nobody gives a fuck if you pay the toll
it's just idiotic and we make fun of you

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>you have to be a sub 70 iq brainlet loser to lap up his technobabble

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okay you got 2 minutes to explain what value a block with a pruned tx has anymore. after that you can suck off a horse.

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>nobody gives a fuck if you pay the toll
>*limits blocksize and functionality*

Ok, retard.

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>A bunch of devs know the optimal blocksize limit and what kind of transactions "make sense"
In a just and efficient world, stupidity this great would be rewarded with immediate poverty.

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>Someone in a chat I'm in made a MB account the other day and the userid number was something like [email protected]

lmao you're joking right?

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>pruning a single transaction in a block prunes the rest of the transactions in the block

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so you don't even understand what i asked. interesting.

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cashies never understood consensus you don't surprise me at all

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Well you were implying pruning destroys the value of the block somehow. The only logical reason for this is you believe pruning a single transaction prunes the rest of the transactions in a block. Lets hear your idiotic reason why removing illicit material from a block destroys its value though.

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You didn't understand my point. Interesting.

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the block header carries chain of proof of work the block contains txes to build the utxo set in a trustless manner. once a block is partially pruned it can no longer so the second. propagating it is pointless it would never pass validation so keeping only the header is the only thing making sense.
if sv had segwit it could prune the script only but god forbid cashies using their brain.

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Pruning doesn't destroy the utxo set. jfc

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you think? kek what a fucking brainlet. cashies are fags who only recognize consensus so long its going their way and throw a childish tantrum and capitulate the moment it doesn't.

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read again i never said it does

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Oh I see
> propagating it is pointless it would never pass validation

You're a fucking moron. You can't prune a block that is actively being propagated. Did you even read the whitepaper (of course you didn't). Read literally the first line >>16628008

Also fuck Segwit. I prefer actual signatures so businesses can formulate proper contracts.

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you prefer to contradict your purposes

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also still waiting for an explanation what's the point in storing data you can't propagate anyhow because it would be pointless for multiple reasons.

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off to sleep will push your shit in deeper tomorrow sv cucks

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>storing data you can't propagate
You mean like CP? Yeah that would be stupid because your shit is going to just get pruned.

Hope you don't wake up ;)

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Still doesn't get it. Embarrassing.
Imagine being this mad over something you claim is a failure. Buttcoin 2.0

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no you don't get it its not the central committe of devs that decide what bitcoin is. unlike your shotcoin its consensus.

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no i meant old transaction data whatever it is. old transactions are junk no point in keeping them unless you subscribe to some form of religious retardation.

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>spends hours at night making the same stale arguments
>gets 5 hours of sleep as Satoshi torments him in the dream realm
>wake up

Hi O1G

Just a reminder, BTC can never scale to 6 billion people if it takes 50 years to close a channel on-chain. The 1MB block cap will never get raised, and even if it is it's too late.

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>And because it's on the blockchain, ownership is provable, the content is permanent, and it can be directly monetized forever
>the content is permanent
>miners can prune illicit material
pick ONLY one
this is a SHITCOIN
if what you say is true there is no fucking point of it being on a blockchain because it is not immutable, it is not permanent, it is a fucking total, complete, fuckoff scam, and you're all so deep that you can't admit it to yourself BUT YOU GOT FUCKING PLAYED STUPID FUCKING NIGGERS. YOUR OWN POSTS DISAGREE WITH YOUR SHILLING IMAGES.

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