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Fuck capitalism. Fuck capitalists. Fuck billionaires. Fuck CEOs. Fuck cops. Fuck reactionaries.

You think this bullshit thing where you can trade imaginary digital points in exchange for the means of production will continue much longer? Think again you fascist FUCK, we WILL seize the means of production

>Through free associative production we will be much more productive
Think about it, how much more productive are you made by the fact that your boss and their boss and their boss and the CEO lord over you and control your actions? You are clearly made LESS productive and merely a better profit extractor for the company. We all know it

The communist revolution is coming so it's time to start planning for it. This thread is for post-capitalist business discussion. Yes, business WILL exists after capitalism dies, it will just be in a different form, a form of free associative production where anyone can do whatever work they want with whoever they want, and once our culture is transformed into a gift culture rather than a transactionary money based culture, into a culture with universal basic services provided to all regardless of beliefs, race, nationality, religion, or country of origin, humanity will finally reach its apex

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>we WILL seize the means of production
*OP hits bong*
"ahhh maybe tomorrow"

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There’s a limited amount of food, oil, resources in the world. So how do we decide who gets what then?

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And most importantly

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>gift culture rather than a transactionary money based culture, into a culture with universal basic services provided to all regardless of beliefs, race, nationality, religion, or country of origin, humanity will finally reach its apex

But anon, I'm not a cuckhold like you.

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>Fuck Commies.

No, No, No, fuck commies results in more welfare babies. Fuck latinas.

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Capitalism and communism are both freemason concepts to play of the population againt one another. And even if you don't believe that, you're fucking retarded if you think communism has any merit. Unironically kys if you fall this hard for capitalism v communism memes. I can't stress it enough. Just KYS and do everyone a favor. You lack critical thinking skills necessary to form a political opinion. Only inbred brainwashed mongrels fall for this shit.

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And fuck jannies

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I can't wait for post revolution society. Working for the sole purpose to better my community and owning those means of production. It's going to be glorious.

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Aw yes the glorious wonders of communistic wealth redistribution

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>owning those means of production

you mean the government forces you to work a job the designate to you lmfao

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Don't you pajeets realize that communist countries have billionairs and completely unchecked police power lol?

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The future of western civilization isn't a nice white version of communism. Your country is going to be either like China Korea or india

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>limited amount of food

Not really, more than enough for everyone, even if production decreased by a lot. Just ban red meat and nationalize the farms in its production chain to produce a onions paste which is served for free at conveniently placed government dispensaries. Supply is such that it would not be possible for even the most corpulent Amerifats to exhaust it.

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Populations are skyrocketing at an insane pace. Even with there being plenty of food now it will be a huge problem in the next few decades probably.

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>Populations are skyrocketing at an insane pace.
No theyre not

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>ban red meat

If more of you ate good red meat and ingested less s0i there would be less commies in the world desu. Marxism is a mental disease and it can be cured either through education, activities that increase testosterone, and when all else fails little lead pills desu

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ok thanks for the post tranny now you have to go back

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Unironically this, except capitalists will create communism for themselves.

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>Lazy NEET talking about communism

>Not really, more than enough for everyone, even if production decreased by a lot.

If production decreases, then food would be sourced from warehouses/silos. Did you even think before you typed out your idiotic post?

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Yes they are don't be a retard

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You do understand this is a NEET board, right wagie?

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No wonder they all drink.

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Let me check it real fast
>Through free associative production we will be more productive
You mean like if you're free to choose where you work, where you live, what causes you give your money to, and if you're free to choose who you do business with? Sounds like capitalism m8

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No, under capitalism you have to work jobs that earn money. Under communism you can spend your life studying abstract concepts and contributing to human knowledge

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Who feeds the abstract thinkers? Who clothes them and builds their houses? How dow you know you will be a thinker and not a worker? Who decides this?

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>fuck natural selection, the weakest genes should be passed on
>that’s totally what’s best for our species and not just like my biased opinion because my genes are weak man
Smoke more weed faglord

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But you have weak genes.

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You decide it for yourself

If there isn't enough food for you you can go to the fields and help farm more, or grow your own garden

If you don't want to sit in a library all day reading books, you can enjoy working the machines in the field with your friends or building houses :)

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>t. factory worker who will enable thinkers to think

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Define weak genes. I'm physically not that strong, but I'm an engineer and I've contributed to complex machine learning systems which provide lots of value to capitalism, they would provide more value in post-capitalism though.

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I don’t have kids and I don’t depend on others to provide for me. If I’m unfit to provide for myself and my wife then I deserve to have my genes die off.

tips fedora

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Being unfit under capitalism does not mean being unfit under all relations of production comrade :)

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Obviously in our current environment intelligence is the most desirable trait. We need more intelligent people to solve our future problems and ensure our survival. Physical strength will not stop the sun from evaporating all water on earth.

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Don't worry, your genes will stay basemented here on 4chan for the rest of your life.

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It’s the closest we can come. All of you faggots know deep down that we’re not ready for communism yet and if you’re being honest with yourself you wouldn’t make the most of communism. You would indulge in as much hedonism as your limited government allowance could provide instead of focusing on improvement of our species

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Then how do you rectify common tropes that socialists, communists, anarchists, and left leaning people in general, are lazy couch potato NEETs, when in reality they're often highly educated, albeit sometimes in topics which don't directly relate to profitability (the enablement of surplus value extraction) under capitalism? Like philosophy or gender theory. These need to be studied by smart people but they make no money, and in fact they contradict capitalism

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What’s your name? I wanna see if Netflix has your stand up special

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This hits home and I know you're right, we aren't ready for full communism, but by "we" I mean "humanity as a whole"

Our consciousness has not transcended our current state of being in a way that would enable the common person to rethink their place in the dominant relations of production and find a way to contribute to humanity in a deeper and more valuable way than through non-associative labor

I say though that under full communism, even if we all worked exactly as much as we work now, things would be better. Think of all the intellectual property locked behind closed doors, and the wasted food thrown into dumpsters which could instead be stolen by homeless people. I can elaborate on this point but I think it's clear

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I have had lengthy conversations with these intelligent elite because I was also baffled by this. Their reasoning was they simply wanted the unintelligent out of their way i.e. less crime, less meetings that could be a few emails to everyone, etc. They are all people who have never accomplished anything of value. They are basing their potential outcomes off of simulations in their head instead of viewing real data. How has communism worked? In before China stoner bullshit argument

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You are right and this is no individual failing, I too would settle into a life of mediocrity under communism. We need to compete in our current stage of evolution. I doubt that we would be better off under any form of communism, but capitalism is undeniably not the long term answer.

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Communism hasn't worked and China is a horrible authoritarian state. Why are you assuming however that in order for communism to work in the future, it has to have worked in the past and on the first attempts? How many capitalist states stopped working or are currently not working? Plenty quite clearly. The failures of capitalism, and in addition the death toll of capitalism are always ignored because it's the status quo position, whereas communism is critiqued to the extreme because it's new, radical, and futiristic

I know for a fact that at some point in the future communism will work, because I know for a fact that the production means of subsistence can be almost entirely automated if we put enough effort into doing so, in the spirit of the pursuit of collective intellectual enlightenment rather than individual wealth extraction

Want to know how I know this? Because I've worked on large complexly engineered system, and through engineering methodologies like abstraction and encapsulation, arbitrarily complex control systems can be built, either computational or physical. Thus we can build a nearly fully automated farming and shelter production system, as well as automate healthcare, if we actually put effort into it. We aren't because it's not profitable for the status quo, who, due to their capitalistic nature, think in terms of short term quarterly profits rather than longterm human enlightenment

Don't sit here and tell me humanity can't implement communism, don't sit here and bullshit me on that point, because anyone intelligent and in fact all visionaries throughout history have known it can be done, yet throughout all human endeavors thus far the goal has been thwarted by reactionaries ego obsessed wealth seekers. No more, a communist revolution is coming, and this may sound scary, but it's important for humanity to base its new society upon ethical foundations

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>Communism will work because communism will work!

Good reasoning, genius.

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Communism will never work if non-whites are allowed in the country where it's implemented, because they have no self-control, over-breed, and tax resources no matter how much aid is given to them.

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You're just racist and haven't spent enough time living around non-white people. Mexicans for instance are really great people by and large, very hard workers, I respect them immensely and love my Mexican comrades. Black people are wholesome, fun, and hard workers. When they don't get the shit kicked out of their family line, they end up successful and strong contributors

Don't confuse a group of people's current economic conditions for the permanent conditions of their race, this is unjustified racism and it's entirely anti-intellectual.

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Communism will never work because you have to grant ultimate power to a group elites.

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>being allowed to make your own labors is the dictatorship

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If what you're saying was at all true, Africa and Mexico would be a good place to live. Instead they're so bad that lefties are saying they are REFUGEES not fleeing a war or natural disaster but REFUGEES fleeing the everyday life of living around each other.

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Lmao stopped reading after you claimed I assumed communism wouldn’t work in the future after I already said capitalism is not a long term solution and communism is.

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Not under anarchist communism where nobody has to do anything for anyone who they don't want to do it for, under any circumstances, and that means no money to artificially influence people into behavior patterns.

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Don't you get it! Economic coercion through money, this entire idea of incentivizing through economic panipulation, results in people doing things they don't want to do

Nobody wants to fucking mow their neighbor's lawn, but they'd be happy to contribute to the success, strength, and knowledge, of the local lawn mowing (or ideally garden-keeping since grass lawns are an inefficient allocation of resources) club they freely take part in, because lawn mowing is legitimately fun when you do it when you want to, but not when you are made to do it. The same can be said of ALL labor

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Is this some amusing copy pasta or is a real pot head posting on biz right now?

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why is it that communists are always unemployed losers?

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Food production is not a problem. The problem is food distribution and waste. At all levels production, retails, and consumer, probably millions of tons of food is wasted.

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Mexicans and blacks being retarded is verifiable back to like 2000 years. Gheto niggers isn't a new thing

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Don't you get it!!!!1111
>Having to survive makes people do things they dont wanna do
Apparently you don't get it. If you make work optional, the vast majority of people choose not to work. This is the inherent flaw of communism.

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Then they fucking starve unless people give them free food or they grow their own. It's no worse than them living alone, except they have the option to contribute in other ways and still eat, so it's better

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>Nobody wants to mow their neighbor's lawn
>If you say its for the common good suddenly everyone wants to do it
That's gonna be a no from me. Doesn't work like that at all
>Results in people doing things they don't want to do
Like caring for someone not related to me by blood or friendship? Telling someone they must care for someone else's welfare at risk of violence from the state results in a lot of people doing things they don't want to do.

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>not realizing that communism is merely a vessel for the illegal drug monopolies

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Now compare it to Capitalism.
>Want to organize into a commune under Capitalism? You are free to do what you want on your own property
>Want to organize into anarcho capitalism under Communism? You are not allowed by the state to keep the product of your own labor.
The difference is in one situation, someone is forcing your cooperation under risk of violence.

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Not true, you can do that under communism fine, you can't do it under capitalism though because it requires taxes which you need the money of the state to pay, and you can't pay those taxes unless you play capitalism and make money

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You don't own anything, the nomenklatura does (who idiots like OP think they will be part of).

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>Comrade its time to help the old ladies by sharing your potatos
>I don't want to, this is an anarcho commune.
*Gets gulag'd
>Can't do it under taxes with Capitalism
Maybe because taxes are redistribution of wealth, like communism. I advocate for 0 taxes at all.
>I want to start a commune with all my lazy fuck communist friends
>As long as its on your land and you aren't hurting anyone or taking their things, 0 government interference.

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>>Comrade its time to help the old ladies by sharing your potatos
>>I don't want to, this is an anarcho commune.
If you want your own potatoes feel free to grow them YOURSELF without tools made from iron miners

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Lost! First post is truly the best one.

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Consciousness expansion is essential to communism (:

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