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How do you find good co-founders? I feel like the entire world is a bunch of lazy fucks who don't care about anything and will never put in extra effort.

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You don't. You do it on your own. One boss, one direction.

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>lazy fucks who don't care about anything and will never put in extra effort.

So go and find the opposite of these people. They can be anywhere, theres no method.

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Dumb whore could've had a comfy carefree life. But had to ruin the only thing going for her with tacky scribbled self-harm. Now that bitch has popcorn ceilings in a small ass apartment.

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Why work harder when you will only pay more taxes. The harder you work, the less you progress for effort spent. The people who have the best effort to reward ratio are the ones who expend no effort at all. That's the socialist hellhole we live in. Either accept it or change it.

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>muh tattoos are art incel

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>muh dick
>she's still though bro r u gay?

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Why do people willingly choose to self-identify with these poverty marks? They don't even look good. They look trashy. The person who has them smells like cigarette smoke, single mom lifestyle, and bad choices.

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that last one is totally cherry picked, lets see her in 5 years

pic related is my pure waifu

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The poorly done Islamic crescent scribble some sheetskin paid 5k for after I blew his camel wasn't enough, let's put a literal demon on my back so the johns can never nut.

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>another mans face tattooed
no thanx

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sad thing is this is a beautfil brapper

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another tattooed coffee thot? INTO THE FIRE SHE GOES

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Its so when you fuck her her ex looks at you while calling on her phone at d same time

I passed thru such a thing...feels like u r stealing a guys property

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If you are a pro you don't need a co-founder.

Hint, hint: you are clearly trying to be a lazy "partner".

Fuck. You.

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> falling for sink photos

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I miss scat Anon.

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>random flowers everywhere
>what looks like Tony Romo in an NBA world champs hat

Dude fuck off with your fag shit. Between those shitty tats and the fact that this broad is serving coffee in a tin shack in her underwear it’s pretty easy to deduce her whole life is one big bad choice. Tattoos are for shitty trashy unoriginal people.

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Also there's a bible on her dresser and a photo of her with a guy. Guess things didn't work out with him since she's hooking

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The beauty of thottery; always can revert back to a thot's true calling- prostitution

Like clockwork; ex photos and spirituality things

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How badly is this roasties world going to fall apart when shes 40+ pushing 50 when she can’t validate herself by posting pics of her ass because her already saggy body has gone further to shit and no one cares to see it?? Seems like all she has going for herself are her buttcheeks

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That's every InstaThot.

They don't think 10-15 years out.

Most guys don't either.

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She's going into interracial "wife" porn. Film a scene every two months for $2K and whore herself out for a couple bucks, make "amateur" vids, etc. Or just go full prostitute. All that if she doesn't manage to land a husband who likes used goods and is willing to mantain her and little tyrone

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>I feel like the entire world is a bunch of lazy fucks who don't care about anything and will never put in extra effort.
I was young and naive once. Had to learn the hard way. You scam or get scammed.


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>I feel like the entire world is a bunch of lazy fucks who don't care about anything and will never put in extra effort.
Are you aware of game theory?

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She will settle with some beta bitch to support her eventually.

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Check ur throwaway email kunt

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built for black cocks

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Anyone know what art this is? Also for the painting on the right.

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Well it’s Alice in wonderland no clue what art or what you mean exactly

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Imagine the smell

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it's a print. I think it's from a alice flamingo dictionary

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What are you offering these 'lazy fucks' that should be making them willing to throw in their lot with yours and give their free time and labor and expertise to this startup that might not even succeed?
There's two sides to this.

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it's a lithograph from one of the original printings of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

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If you can found alone and hire people. A co-owner is almost like marriage.

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Enough men are desperate nowadays at least one will take her. Unless that man has killed himself first.

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Fuck you.

Equal share of the company.

I tried to found alone, but I don't have the cash to hire people. I also have no idea how to do marketing.

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>Equal share of the company.
So you're offering nothing?
Again, what are YOU bringing to the equation, what are your skills? What value can you add that they can't do without you?
50 percent of nothing is still nothing.

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Faintly if sweat shit piss and pussy juice. Unless she showered recently then I guess some bath and body works scent

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This is how I met my co-founders,

Met one at a local coffee shop and got
into conversation

Met the other at an airport bar waiting for a flight

Met the third on a night out while he was visiting from out of town

We’ve been in business together for a year and have managed great success together. Ultimately you have to have good intuition when it comes to meeting people, sorry aspies you won’t make it. All of my co-founders we’re willing to give up everything they had to pursue our ambitions with the company. One team member, not referenced above, is no longer around had gotten into a relationship and chose continuing with it over moving forward with us. The others sold their homes/companies and left their families/girlfriends at home, and we had all moved in to pursue our goal. You should be able to recognize their work ethic and drive and if it’s at the same rank as yours, boom, you have a team.

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Did you come up with the idea or did they?
How did you pitch it to them?
How did you show them that you were commited to the gig, aside from moving in?

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Sorry, thought you were someone else. Most companies go by the scheme of Frontman and Autist. Basically frontman does front end for company, finding partnerships, capital, etc, while the autist makes the product. If you’re not a hyper motivated autist or a networking genius, I would suggest questioning your own value as a cofounder.

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> Most companies go by the scheme of Frontman and Autist.
Walt Disney was the front man, Ub Iwerks drew every frame of the first Disney cartoon, Walt in the words of the guy who did the Peanuts specials "drew the worst piece of shit Mickey mouse I'd ever seen"
Steve Jobs was the front man who got the original 60k or whatever it was creditline to buy the parts for the first Apple computer, Steve Wozniak was the autist who had designed it
Francis Ford Copolla was the front man who without George Lucas's permission sold to the studio THX, Lucas's first feature film.
> If you’re not a hyper motivated autist or a networking genius, I would suggest questioning your own value as a cofounder.
This 100x

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nice ass, but imagine boning her from behind while Kyle stares into your soul

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It was my project originally. I was doing it on a very small scale and they saw what I was doing and wanted to take it further. I never really pitched much, when I showed them what I was working on they were immediately interested. They knew I was committed because I had dropped out of college and decided to pursue things on my own. The biggest help they brought to the table was capital, I had no resources for this. We also had distinctive backgrounds that contributed to the project, one member had a history in construction, the other in banking/financial sector, and the other in business management/logistics.

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Thanks for the answer.
So obviously because you had already started the project and they could see the potential, that's what made them interested.
Well done on that shit anon.

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Just looked up this thot and it turns out her coffee stand is like 20 minutes away. Gonna go check it out.

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I bring nearly 10 years of development experience. I need people who also bring experience.

I came up with the idea and I've already started developing it. Some companies I talked to have shown early interest. I pitched it by showing them the project. I've demonstrated I'm committed by working on it unpaid.

I live in the middle of bum fuck no where and I'm probably autistic. I've met lots of people but none I would consider good co-founders. They just keep throwing their own shit ideas at me, and they can't contribute anything.

I'm definitely the autist. I need a frontman for sure.


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pic or it won't happen anon.
I expect a detailed ASSesment of their business plan. I'm not being cheeky. I want you to really put your back into it, tell us how the coffee tastes, tell us so we can imagine the smell. I'm not shitting you, I want a booty haul of information on who is lining up, what their customers look like etc.

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