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no, he patented it

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oh no poor chain shit idiots, no mercy for you idiots

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He wasn't even right about his own coin

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he is right. There is no need for a middle-ware. chainlink could've a been a jsonparser built on the btc blockchain. the token is unironically not needed. assblaster was a fucking retard and became the leader of the most retarded cult. 42 is a prime example of the deluded fucks that holds link.

the only thing is that BSV is financially backed by this retarded scammy looking fucks. craig keeps fucking up in court and doesn't have access to the keys. Pretty much everyone is fucked. BTC has been compromised by retards and private companies are taking control. Vitalik didn't know BTC was touring complete, and the rest of idiots aswell. Craig was our last hope unironically but I doubt he will pull it off.

This entire space is a scam.

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> satoshi
Where though? None of the accounts associated with him have been used to make commentary, nor has any signing been done. Weird post OP.

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So decentralization is a meme with no value?

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yet he follows sergey on twitter kek

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>yet he follows sergey on twitter kek
pic related

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