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>20% down

how about you biz frens?

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pretty fucked and u

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In either in a terrible state of denial or about to make the best financial decision of my life.

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company is dead and I'm fired, And I'm in fear they might use me as escape goat. apart from that everything is fine

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80% down....

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Most of biggest crypto forecaster (mr crypto india, marius landman etc) are telling this crash is because of people cashing out for christmas presence. There will be rebound coming soon wall street bonuses when payed to whales.

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Overall? 100% technically. But since I put more money in? Well that was when eth was $214. Sold that at a loss last week and went into neo. You do the math.

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Down 95% of my initial. It's my fault though, I had plenty of opportunities to cash out.

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I was shorting, thankfully
still down almost half, though
stay strong and don't do anything stupid

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I don't even remember

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Some retard on /biz/ was mocking me for selling two months ago. I refuse to participate in crypto again. All of it is an scam, it's become so obvious to me.
This is my face now.

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>an escape goat

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This year i was 55%+ and now it fell to 0.5%+ but still in plus so idgaf also i keep on buy at these levels LMAO to normies who sell at these Prices.

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I have lost 44% of my net worth this past month but I'm still up 75% from my initial

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