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LOL calm down people, this is nothing

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Sk will this halvening cause the price action to mimic the first halvening or the gradual increase we saw in the second one?

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>it will go up forever
You're in for a rude awakening. In due time.

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>>it will go up forever
>You're in for a rude awakening. In due time.

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>descending triangles are bullish bro

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>no descending triangle
Ok pal

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which descending triangle is that
they're 3 for 3 in predicting new ATH in bitcoin

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Based. Besides btc what else should I be accumulating?

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>we are going to be all millionaires, halving is going to make bitcoin moon, 100%

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Technical analysis is meaningless in a market that's only moved by Central Bank debt issuance and jawboning from the President and Fed.

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Shhh. Keep the panic going. I want it at a cheaper price

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Unscaleable shitcoin with broken fundamental

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Cry about it

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Anyone halfway serious doesn't use any log starting at 0. Literal meme charts.

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This. BTC was the first and has been around the longest so it's going to take some time for people to abandon ship. It's an absolutely garbage coin with no future. If it can't scale then miner's cant survive solely on transaction fees, which mean this chain is basically dead unless some serious changes are made at some point in the future

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everything you said is wrong but never mind

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right now?

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>it will keep doing the same thing over and over

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Thanks jews

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What do you mean it's nothing?
It's a great time for me to buy the bags you bought at 19k and make a huge profit once we go back up!

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average fees per block on sv are $1
less now so fuck off tard

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where should it start then?

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Transaction volume has only been growing in SV. All it takes is 150,000 or so transactions or so to make up the rest of the block subsidy for the next halving. BTC has no hope of making up the subsidy, ever. We're still in a bear market. There are no more retail retards to pump your bags and businesses find no utility in your limited unscaleable shitcoin.

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End of fiat when?

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