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Be greedy when others are fearful and you will make it.

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be fearful when you are greedy

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Green ID thread
Kek has blessed the bulls. The bottom is near.

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we're gonna make it

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You've had your 2 years of fun bobo. 2020 will be our year again. Yearly low will be set in January. Then we slowly began the journey to 100k.

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holy based

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serious question, can we sue warren buffet if crypto doesn't pan out and we followed his advice?

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Blessed green thread

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if green id 10k before christmas

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rolan for green id

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at least it's not red

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No, because his advice was stay the fuck away from crypto

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if green i will become a millionaire in 2020

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I'm sorry, it looks like you will be JUSTED

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sorry bruh

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this thread reads like a redditors interpretation of true meme magic

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Wow that's not a healthy color!

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Yeah run back into a burning building to steal a bag of peanuts.
It's going down and there's absolutely nothing you can do to stop it.

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how long did it take you to locate that image in your folders?
do you mind screenshotting your file management please?

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is this some kind of program? i like this style

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Every thing must die, only one survives

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