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How can criminal corecucks ever recover? They literally cant

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>Theymos implicated with Silk Road
>the same Theymos who shutdown discussion of scaling Bitcoin


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Seeing these endless Creg lies in a court of law that seemingly never get punished has really bruised my faith in the justice system.

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....meanwhile calvin is running illegal gaming websites
even tho calvin is just a toolbag for cerg, its still pretty mean to throw him under the bus like this...

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>if I start believing in his lies, Craig will pump my bags!
bagholding is not what it used to be

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>Having faith in the system to begin with

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bitcoin fixes this :)

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Sorry rakesh you're not allowed to use smileys. 10 rupees have been deducted from your paycheck.

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Sorry rakesh you're not allowed to switch ips. 10 rupees have been deducted from your paycheck

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See me in my office on Monday.

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Can't wait ;)

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Marrti Malmii is probably the most influential person besides satoshi in bitcoin taking off, he wrote most of the early stuff as you can see here.


It's no wonder the piece of shit craig attacks him and theymos the motherfucker is always in the offensive so people don't call his shit like signing in 2009 with a software from 2013.


Have you seen what the judge thinks of all the crap craig says?Pic related

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>people don't call his shit like signing in 2009 with a software from 2013

That's talked about all the time though.

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On certain circles yes , but not on the constant bsv shilling because the faggot is always on the attack , weather is roger ver , theymos , greg maxwell or whoever the fuck they attack during the month.

But some of the crap he said like this shit op posted is basically criminal crap , he accuses a programer in finland and a university student of runing assasination markets or shit like that.

Guy is a total lunatic , i would not be suprised if next year he disappears and lives in a yatch in the middle of the ocean all year because he scammed everyone, would not be suprised if he even scammed coingeek faggots.

I know we like to think this is all an organized scam but craig intro into crypto is shaddy as fuck , first trying to open a bank in australia, then arrested because he was stealing government money to do (((research))) , larps about a supercomputer and then start shilling he was satoshi and wants to sell books and do conferences non stop.

Would be pretty funny if even the hardcore bsvtards got scammed.

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Kek Sanjay vision brainlets btfo

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>On certain circles
I only pay attention to 4chan. 4chan is full of niggers who share screenshots of twitter. Twitter is pretty much entirely Corecucks and XRP. All they do is talk shit about BSV and talk about the shit you're talking about. So idk what other circles you're taking about.

>csw is a lunatic, fraud, scammer, etc and everyone including calvin has fallen for it

Pretty bold accusation. He's never defrauded anyone out of money. So far all he's done is talk about Bitcoin and how it actually works (and he's wright). BSV is the manifestation of that. Segwit is an altcoin. He will most certainty be on a yacht at some point. Turns out scaling Bitcoin and making it the financial plumbing of the world is extremely profitable.

Scammers are people like Samson Mow who limit a great protocol to sell sidechains (see shitcoins).

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>Pretty bold accusation. He's never defrauded anyone out of money.

He defrauded the australian government.

>So far all he's done is talk about Bitcoin and how it actually works (and he's wright).

Give me one video of him talking about code all he talks is bullshit

>BSV is the manifestation of that. Segwit is an altcoin.

Segwit is a patch for asicboost which the chinks asic manufacturers patented and allowed them to mine with an advantage.

>Scammers are people like Samson Mow who limit a great protocol to sell sidechains (see shitcoins).

Sidechains are a cancer yes but craig is a bullshiter , the attack against bch and bsvtards constant shilling for the government shows either they glow in the dark or again go in the offensive when their flaws are exposed (such as bsv hosting child porn).

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>bsvtards constant shilling for the government
>bsv is for cp

You faggots are exhausting.

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imagine only just waking up

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Yeah if only the honourable epstein lawyer now judge reinheart would bring us some justice. "you shall not speak in court creg! "

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cool story greg, blockstreams and your scamchain patent will be worthless by eoy 2020

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Lmao craig is such a fucking faggot. You know what? In satoshi now. Whos to say im not?

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tell me something profound about bitcoin then sats?

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Australian govt is corrupt as fuck. 5 eyes you factor shills deserve death

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Seeing a pattern here. Eat shit and die

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WEAKKKKKKKKKKK holy shit you faggots are seething

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Dude was the corrupt faggot , he literally was getting research money he spent on bullshit.

Trump is based , bsvtards and qtards are morons.

Post craig showing code in any fucking video.

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>inb4 litany of excuses

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>corrupt faggot
yikes greg, this is from an old naughty boys hacking database
and they have pages on a lot of people like google coders and such
pic related is what they wrote about craig

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Imagine still not believing in Criag and BSV

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>googles shit and rewords it
there you go
its not "weak", coping faggot. He hasnt even proven he is satoshi. You guys are fucking sheep.

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Lel. I hope you all get scammed out of your money

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>bitcoin is a scam!

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stop posting this shit show you haven't watched these videos lmfao

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never said btc is a scam. Thats all I fucking buy.
And you know what? I wont even say bsv is a scam as I dont know shit about it. I do know craig isnt fucking satoshi.

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>I wont even say bsv is a scam as I dont know shit about it

I almost envy you. I became a big blocker back during the Segwit/bch fork. The understanding I came away with at the time totally changed the way I thought about Bitcoin. Get out there and learn it.

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> Martti Malmi
> Norwegian

Finland says "fuck you"

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No. Craig making up lies and forging documents to trick people into believing he is satoshi in order to get more people to buy his crypto took away all his credibility so I couldnt give 2 shits what bsv is.

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Take a break from all the drama surrounding him. Look into how Bitcoin is actually suppose to work. Also listen to him describe Bitcoin. Find a flaw in the way he describes it or how it scales.

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I dont trust him. Im sticking with btc. If i get fucked, whatever. All in until it reaches a new ath after the halving. NO ONE is going to persuade me to do otherwise.

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Ok i stand corrected , that said i want a proof of him programming anyone can read and says muh this is a loop i am not going to explain it.

So far this shows he understands the theory of supercomputers , not programming , and this also goes in line with the scam story because he was stealing money from aus gov larping he was doing supercomputer research


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and more info on that


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