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"a blockchain can't directly read whether or not something happened in the real world"



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Mentioned this yesterday. I wish they’d stayed on this aspect a bit longer. Let’s speculate: do you think Eric knows about Chainlink? My guess is Thiel does and Eric is in his inner circle. Side note: Eric’s face bumps are repugnant and Vitalik is so awkward. Cringe.

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they are so oblivious to APIs and financial contracts in the real world

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Thanks Rebecca

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The skelly fears the belly.

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He knows, his claim was that a smart contract using third party data sources technically isn’t “trustless” anymore

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Nothing is trustless. I have seen miners fucking with the chain before to win the fomo3d jackpot.

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He knows and vitalik isn’t oblivious you morons.
A decentralized network, such as Ethereum, can only verify data that Exists natively. If you want a true trust-less system, every action must be done “on-chain” so to speak. If you have an oracle fetch data, the contract is then relying on information off-chain and it has no real way of truly verifying it.
This issue also reflects on other problems like proof of identity. You could make the argument of a sort of point system existing that gives a statistical probability of 99.9999% likely hood that an event occurred or that an identity is true, but again it wouldn’t be truly trustless. The concept is that you can reach a state in which you have .99 repeating = 1, such that you run it through a Monte Carlo simulation and always arrive at the same answer until the heat death of the universe. Look at how bitcoin seed phrases are generated. You could use a phrase generator but sit there for an eternity before you found a phrase that would unlock a wallet. It’s not a perfect system, but it is mathematically sound.

/biz/ is filled with brainlets. Why do I even come to this board anymore.

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Holy shit. Is Vitalik autistic enough to not know the dress code or does he not care about his public image ?
It looks like he got kidnapped from in his bed.

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When it's his event he wears black skinny jeans and nice sneakers lolol

He must have just not given a shit.

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those shoes n socks
what a CP hodler vibe

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he is virtue signalling

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Oh Rebecca, how I've missed you. Welcome back!

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I really don’t get this lol

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This argument is a semantic cop-out that ignores the game theoretical/economic incentives that make chainlink's oracle network functionally possible.
It's an autistic, spergy argument.
Vitalik clearly doesn't believe it's possible, but listen to him in this interview--he is a smart yet arrogant little boy that knows nothing of the world

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>choose how much decentralization you want
currently it's unavailable, but in distant future, I see shitload of nodes competing to bring answers.

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>he is a smart yet arrogant little boy that knows nothing of the world
How fucking ironic this statement is following your narcissism

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>Two Jews talking

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does anyone else find Eric to be asmug, fat unbearable fuck?

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>Game theory


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Does being such an edge master help you cope with failure and poverty?

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