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daily reminder that they can't stop it now, bitcoin is finally unleashed

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stop shilling a gangster, liar and psychopath. He might as well run away with the money he got from you guys

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what money? did he do an ico?

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Crypto launderers are afraid, their entire laundry machine has been tracking them on an immutable ledger and Craig is ensuring it will crash down on all their heads.

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Craig is probably the only person who's not a scammer in crypto

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Yes he is, but he mostly scammed Calvin Ayre who invested in him so much

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So stiff

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2020 get in or get STIFFED

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Imagine thinking the man who helped birth online gambling was scammed by CSW. It's literally the sector wherein long term succes is built upon reputation, trust maintenance and people skills.

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How do I get in the BSV ICO? Is there a premined shittoken I can buy?

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Calvin has already been scammed before:
>Calvin describes his previous involvement with the famed mining stock fraudster Erich Brunnhuber as 'the biggest mistake of his life', and he would 'take better care with the character of the people he associated with in future'
Craig is clearly using him and his money, and probably gave a lot of promises that'll never come true

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You just owned yourself, also that shit happened in 1984.

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1996, actually. History repeats itself. Calvin's massive investment in Craig and his fraud affair will likely never pay off, so yes, he was scammed.

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Yes it's called Bitsegwit under ticker BTC now, they changed the rules for the bankers but you are too late

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Imagine not having at least 100 unleashed Bitcoins

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