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Chainlink is decentralized oracle network that connects blockchain-based smart contracts to external data, payment networks, and various real-world events.


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how many big macs do you eat a day?

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Which one of your chink workers has the best pussy?

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What's your favourite meme of you

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How many big macs can you fit in your mouth at once?

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Where's all the fudding faggots trying to say link is dead right now?

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Prove it

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If you were told that you would never be able to eat McDonald’s again, what horrible depraved things would you do to the person who told you this?

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Cmon guys, when you travel nonstop for business its an easy option.

really? I understand this board is uncensored and thats great but please lets stay on topic today

The metal gear solid gif

Just one, i think

Don't know? We're making steady progress on our goals, marching towards adoption of enterprise smart contracts.

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You say it does all that, but has it done it yet? Fuck waiting for a finished product. There's no oracles and the partnerships are bogus. The fact that this scam at the supply rate it has went over $4 a piece is crazy as fuck. Then again this is crypto where all the scams are invested in without any real use case. Just create a token on the Ethereum main net and a website to go along with pitching an idea. All the Rajesh's of the world will come and buy those tokens up thinking they will finally get their family out from under a rock and into a mansion.

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>ask me anything
>let’s stay on topic guys

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>The metal gear solid gif
You liar! That's Thomas's favourite one.

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>number of "fundamentally" used in sentences, 0.
fuck off you stupid imposter faggot.

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I fundamentally will not be doing so, take it or leave it. When in rome..
pic attached is for you

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Fine nerd, what did Tegan's hair smell like?

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Checked. Biggest thing for link rn

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If it really is you, thank you for your creative genius and the opportunity to take part in this enterprise.

Realistically, how long do you think it will be before adoption of this technology in the mainstream. How long will it be before link is an actual partner with a non-crypto business entity, utilizing link for smart contracts?

Thanks, in advance.

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Where is this picture from ?

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when fundamentally vertical?

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Thanks Sergey, when staking? That’s all we really wanna know. Keep up the good work

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How did you manage to get Chainlink shown off at SWIFT?

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Good impression or real Sergey. If it really is you, don't take our jokes to heart we really do love you.

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Staking is a nothingburger. We need threshold sigs or none of this shit scales

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Holy crap, it is him.

t.fellow philosophy dude

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Hi sergey, do you have anything to say to us?

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Also what this dude said

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are you fucking retarded? you really think sergey would ever come to a board filled with autistic incels and virgins lmfao?

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He never leaves

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>unironically thinks sergey is real

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I've seen some shit over the years on the chins.

unlikely, yes
possible, absolutely

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The number system of 4chan has always fascinated me

I can't comment with precision. In due time, as the ability for smart contracts to deliver value increases, there will be a tipping point.

I'm guessing south america

The market is what it is

I can't comment on many of the relationships we've developed, unfortunately

Thanks for supporting us, and for some laughs along the way. I want to emphasize 'some'

All pieces of the puzzle hold importance. The community is also a huge piece of the success of smart contracts.

Whats your favorite read in recent memory?

Thanks for supporting us, and for showing interest in our work

We share our posts mainly on reddit though your board has certainly come to our attention before

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what are we gona top off at this pump so i can sell at the top and buy back in when it drops down after the dump?

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When did you start conceptualizing the oracle problem? When did you start working on ChainLink?

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What do you plan to do with the 350 million linkies that are not available to trade yet?

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Correction I mean the 650000000 linkies not in circulation

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what games did you play besides StarCraft 2. anytime to game anymore? current faves?

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Hello Sergey, what would you consider a "make it" stack? Also did you have to undergo any trauma based mind control? Do you know zuckerberg?

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Why did you dump millions of Link tokens at the top? Scamming fat fuck, I hope you get killed u fucking mongoloid

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And how do gets mean anything for link?

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Based. Rope yourself, faggot

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lol dem dat dere right dere bruh

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How much LINK would you charge for one of your trademark plaid shirts?

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What’s the difference between continental philosophy and analytical philosophy?

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No official comment, the whitepaper outlines this


what? not that im aware of. making it means something different to every one

This was probably not a great idea.

My time here is up, I wish you all well.

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this sucks

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Thanks. But timestamp or GTFO.

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Thanks for coming Sergey

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>not a great idea
you faggot look what you did!!

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>All these questions have made me hungry for a big mac

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I heard you are planning to use Full Homomorphic Encryption, are you only exploring different way or have you already something nearly ready?

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Love you bro

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no schizo, but sergey is known to use a lot of commas, often at unnecessary points of the sentence

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Thanks Sergey. I believe in you and your tech, but honestly am in for the gains. It will (and already is) being used for good.

Thanks again.


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Thanks for coming Sergey. The beauty of 4chan is the 1% good threads. You got to sort out the 99% bs

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Can you give 10,000 LINK for free? Im a bigmac fan.

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why did you choose to study philosophy? i have always wanted to know...i question everything.

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How does studying philosophy qualify you to get into computer science

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The real philosophical question is why are you such a faggot?

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Why can’t you faggots behave yourselves for once? Spergy would have stayed around longer if you guys weren’t such dicks :(

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it is so easy to spot the bsv guys. never met such an angry crowd.

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Why would he even come here?

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We literally know for a 100% fact that Sergey has visited biz in the past. How new are you?

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On the other hand, almost every technology innovator I can think of who really amounted to anything, they all got fuckin nerds to do the bitch dev work

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When will you reveal yourself as Satoshi Nakamoto?

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>thanks again for all of your hard work
What was it like meeting LINK Jesus last year?

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Is chainlink a scam?

Why do you dump 700k periodically?

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When's staking planned?

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Based Big Mac shillers

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how has it been scaling up the development of the network and handling the logistics
are you mostly delegating or still involved in fine details at this point?
what are your main goals for the next year going into 2020 as a company and what are the first real use cases for chainlink and smart contracts in general that we can expect to see?

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>The metal gear solid gif

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>for some laughs along the way
>I want to emphasize 'some'
just some hellraiser and chill with friends

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>The number system of 4chan has always fascinated me
it's all in your head man

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You can tell this is a larp thread by the shills. Can tell by the usual image spam. Fuck these scamming faggots are getting desperate

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Othodoxy and the kingdom of satan. On the off chance you may see this still, thanks. Also, any recommendations to add to my reading list?


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Op is a faggot !

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this one is mine

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the whole concept of Link as /ourcoin/ was seeded by Sergey himself. his earliest talk has him admitting that "I'm gonna make it into a meme so it gets popular". this is all part of the plan

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Premined shittoken

>> No.16527223

Shilling always come back all of a sudden when you do another fake ass pump lmao

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I read all those posts in sergeys voice and it seemed almost real

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Actually, it’s a scam. We already know.

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chainlink is a meme by a delusional liberal-arts "educated" fat fuck

this is all what we know

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holy shit people replied to this absolute larp
you guys are pathetic

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When you think about it, Staking and Threshold Sigs have to come out concurrently. Staking represents a huge jump in transactions that ETH really can't handle. Threshold Sigs provide scaling but without Staking, it's providing scaling for a larger oracle network, but not necessarily more transactions since the network can function on longer timeframes in order to not strain ETH, as evidenced by the slowing of the ETH/USD heartbeat earlier this week.

So my question is: Is staking holding up implementation, or are threshold sigs?

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ihan ok juttu mutta ootko sä kattonu chainlink firmasta esityksen himo läski sergey :D siinä esiintyy koko chainlink-tiimi eli myös hodge, johnnylp, arijuels fanit saavat nauraa ja naurattaahan se tietty myös vaikka sergeyn läski kuteet ja muut :D kannattaa kattoo nopee

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Would you sit and break 0.7 of clear liquid together with me?
Would love to hear your stories...

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it's a vaporware scam my dude, that's why there's no staking. ZERO USERS
>1+ year test net
>5 months main net
>nobody can name a single dapp with users using Chainlink oracles in production
>(with proof link to dapp.com/dappradar/etherscan)
>Linkers: this is bullish!

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Thanks so much for your visit. Thank you for the 1% of good comments. The others are just haters with other bags. Sergey , what you are doing is changing lives. U might not realize it amoungst the burgers and sexy asian dev groupies but , you are changing lives. Thanks for having a laugh at yourself with the memes here and most of all coming and visiting us. The love is real. (can u start selling your shirts pls? I want one)

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You do know it's a very intentionally obvious larp. Jesus.

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Tää :D

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if you read it aloud in that eastern euro accent and watch the Metal Gear gif on full screen it is like he has ascended from a cloud and ushered these divination to us.. as a precursor for the inevitable bull run that shall lead us to 1000 eoy! Because we witnessed it , it now becomes real (much like the double slit experiment Sergey is the Quantum factor)

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how many nigger kikes?

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Youre in every thread, what is with you? BSV holding pajeet?

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What is the best use-case you can think of for link? Where would you like to see it implemented? Also, off topic but what do you think of BCH's SLP network?

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