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Realistically, how high can it go?

Is $1k even possible long term?

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Well I was told 1keoy. Are we still on track guys? Guys?

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Doubt 1k is possible. I think it'll peak around $30

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Realistically? About $4, you had ONE CHANCE to sell, you didn't, you are a retarded bagholder now.

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nice samefag

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If/when we start seeing real adoption and usage I could see it easily pulling an ethereum

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Maybe 10 $ in 5 years, zero also possible

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$30-ish if we see adoption. 15$ with no adoption but based on speculative golden bull-run type scenario

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$10k is absolutely possible within the next 5 years. You're missing your chance now if you aren't accumulating.

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>how high can it go

You wouldn’t believe me if I told you

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Ethereum investors had it so fucking easy.
Barely 2 years of holding to get a +13,000%, also Ethereum ICO was 1 BTC = 2000 ETH

I don't think we'll see again those type of gains

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You'll be lucky if it ever bounces near 3 usd again

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300k$ per Link

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This but completely unironically. You will need iron hands to see it though and the vast majority of people will get shaken out

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Based + red pilled

Plebs saying $30 or less: cringe + blue pilled

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How is that even remotely possible?

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derivatives for one

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>$1k even possible long term?
Yes, a one trillion dollar market cap is totally reasonable for a script that averages prices together and returns via json.
just keep buying!

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yeah because it's really that easy. So fucking easy people have done it before. Oh wait, they haven't, and link is literally the key to the next stage of human civilization

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You scamps won't have to chew it over on an Israeli rubber band innovation forum for much longer.

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It already went that low. Why didn't you buy then, dummy.

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>You scamps won't have to chew it over on an Israeli rubber band innovation forum for much longer.
double chekked

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thanks Sergey

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you will not be able to stop working because you bought a few thousand LINK

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depends on how much $1K is actually worth by then, mate, and what it would even buy at that point.

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t.missed the link train

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It is now right dumping literally

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1k is FUD FUCK YOU nulinker.

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microsoft has a market cap of 1 trillion, it's decades old and literally made software used by everyone on the planet.
chainlink at 1 trillion mc means smart contracts using chainlink have absolutely replaced normal contracts, the probability of this happening in the near or long term is almost zero
this is not fud, i hold my 50k stack with iron hands, but not going to give meme levels of hopium just because some retard script posted to get the 7 get or because some retard called assblaster gave an oscar deserving performance larp.

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chainlink would only have a MC of $350B at $1k. with BTC at $100k and chainlink in the top 5, or even top 3, $1k is achievable.

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the overall mcap will be well into the trillions this next bullrun.

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woops wrong one, this one is the newest update. 5 months to go.

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stay comfy frens. these next 2 years will be wild.

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thanks for the hopium, the dumpening these last few weeks got to me... anons like you are based, you gave me a feeling of warmth inside (no homo) without ever meeting or seeing or talking to me.

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based and frenpilled.

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Some time ago i shared real price data predictions with you guys, I was presenting you averages and reasonable price predictions.
I should look for it in archives, don't have all my docs with me right now.
If I won't turn up with archives, remember it will be a slow climb, with many shake outs you haven't seen yet. It's not a bloodbath you imagine, it's painless.

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Was dilating too hard. Couldn't make it to the computer.

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