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Token not needed for technology adoption

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you told me it was needed time ago... is this another lie?
How many others di you told me?

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Buy a real coin, boomer.

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1keoy was probably the biggest one. It was true at one time but you stinkies had to ruin it

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Chainlink isn't needed

Tributes is

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Why the actual fuck did nobody tell me this before scamming me into buying this dogshit token of a network nobody uses nor will use use....

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same applies to any erc20 shitcoin. every single one of these shitcoins was printed with the sole intent of tricking people into crowdfunding projects.
if you hold erc20 shitcoins expecting to make it youre gonna have a bad time in the next year

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P.S. for the newfags:
I am joking. Token is needed because of the collateral. Nodes without collateral won't be choosen.
I gotta tell this because it's my fault if because of the shit FUD some anon ends up not buying this nextEThereum gem level

Buy fag.

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pee pee poo poo

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>It was true at one time but you stinkies had to ruin it
explain how we ruined it?
Maybe fudding we create a new universe in which the FUD becames real?
Some sort of Quantum experiment observer?

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i'm making it

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A solution looking for a problem

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You became so drunk with imaginary power before even hitting $10 that the powers that be decided a restart was in order for everyone's sake

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