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My girlfriend when i make it

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> not asian

do you even hold Kleros anon? That's the only way to get em

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Jesus fuck someone get her a toilet paper roll to chew on.

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thanks sir much money future sir sweet will help mia familia in delhi

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stop scamming people

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and now the reality

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youre gonna need about 10 million more dollars to get one that good

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natalie is best girl

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Does she have an Instagram.

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maybe ella is more your thing

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You're still going to be a lonely virgin.

t. made it :(

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Excited to finally announce that this is gonna be my Gf when I make it

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She’s got them crazy eyes

0/10 would not trust her

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My gf when i make it

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This chick is underaged. Shoo high school girl posting glownigger.

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i'm zoomer too

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it's a male pretending to be a female

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fuck off redditnigger

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holy fuck she's hideous

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>no gf ever
>badly want a gf all of a sudden
>finally update my tinder with better pics of myself
>get 10 likes the next day
>remove blurs with chrome
>pretty much all of them, fairly attractive
>find a few of them while swiping, match them
>getting matched with another i liked shortly after

The fuck bros, am i gonna make it? i just want a gf, wouldnt even care that i lost +45k during the rekting. Just need to learn not to be a spreg if i wanna meet one of them.

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You can do it.
Just be yourself, sperg.

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>when i make it
i like the way you think, anon. she will be legal AND a MILF by then.

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Gross, that's a nigger.

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yeah you do even this post is hard to read

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