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good to see that someone else is informed. See you soon.
Dec 13
watch out

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buyer beware.
no one in their right mind would buy a shitcoin with 100 billion supply like xrp, the supply was printed out of thin air and the foundation controls 50% of it; it was the equivalent of todays, ICO or IEOs it's sole purpose of creation is to be dumped on noobs so the foundation can get rich. xrp isn't even decentralized CNBC shilled this at the top of the market, they are all guilty. buy bitcoin, it's actually decentralized. buyer

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XRP isn't decentralized. they didn't solve decentralization those results are only possible b/c XRP is centralized.

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xrp becomes more and more decentralized as more nodes are online and ripple will control less and less of a percentage of the validator nodes.

It is in every business who uses xrp's interest to have a node of their own to ensure its not manipulated.

Currently China owns bitcoin, bitcoin will also go to ZERO as it will be replaced by xrp. Bitcoin is an energy hog consuming as much electricity as 150+ countries, at this rate after the halving it will become even more centralized than before.

the Huge flaw in Proof of work is over time only the largest miners can operate causing it to become centralized.

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Newfags beware, XRP is the biggest scam in crypto.

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>Doesn't understand proof of work

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I actually almost believed there was real news coming for xrp. Now I know it's all flat earther Q anon idiots posting stupid stupid garbage.
Stupid mistake on my part.

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why do shitcoiners always have the urge to deface neat looking pictures
it's only shitcoiners
btc/eth faggots usually just post the symbol or public figures
at least link retards put in some effort and make stuff look shitty on purpose

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UOS mainnet and beta launch will also be soon ;)

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the only shitcoin is whatever coin you are peddling. XRP will become #1 on the charts. it is light years ahead of other coins and is actually older than bitcoin itself.

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If antyhing, XRP will go further down.

t. suicide bag holder

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>quantum financial system
money is magically transported from your pocket to ceo

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