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I will never abandon you, my child...

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He looks like the end is near. Did he just find out craig has the patents for link?

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even if that dude actually owned those patents and cared to pursue other people for perceived infringement of them, at the end of the day, intellectual property is for statist faggots
you can't own an idea

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>abandons you

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he already did, not on purpose but he’s still in the diabetic coma from Thanksgiving

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newfags can't triforce

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not an argument
i expect better from a group of people who seemingly have principles that stress the importance of logic—i.e., that satoshi's original implementation of mining was perfect, and that blockstream attempts to tamper with this in the same way that a central bank tries to tamper with people's money by gradually removing a currency's association with the rare, finite resource that once backed it and simultaneously implementing inflation
one of the problems with this whole "patents" argument is that you are expecting to introduce a currency that essentially renders governments that are incapable of offering people something in return for their taxes financially powerless, and at the same time expecting these same governments to use their power to uphold the claim you've made on your patents
i know that both BSV and chainlink are playing within the established system currently—but, i dunno, it should kinda tell you the type of person that craig would be if he were to try to seriously pursue smartcontract for any supposed "infringement" on his patents

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so, let me get this straight—
>link's idea of interoperability between blockchains is impossible and is a concept only entertained by idiots and scammers
>link stole craig's idea of establishing interoperability between blockchains
either YOU actually hate craig and you're omitting information to make me come to the conclusion that craig is some kind of retard, or craig actually means exactly what he says here and is a manipulative piece of garbage full of tricks—meaning that just about everyone associated with every main fork of bitcoin intends to subvert or has already subverted these forks and turned them into their own thing, with the hopes that their shitty fork full of facets and bureaucracy-enabling commie bullshit will some day become the most widely-used cryptocurrency (even though it will essentially be fiat 2.0 at that point)
all this said, nothing in that pic addresses the possibility that craig is legit on BSV's integrity as being the one coin with weight that follows "satoshi's original vision" and that he actually expects the governments that he is hoping to weaken to be able to defend his patents; if this is the case, then he's playing dirty and he knows it. if this is some kind of four-dimensional chess in which he's simply trying to set up the stage to get royalties from the chainlink network's operation, then it's a pretty weak play, because the concept of connecting smart contracts to real-world data feeds is just kind of inherent to the medium in the same way that connecting one thing to any other thing is a universal concept; he's wasting his time, and possibly a great deal of his money.

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>*tips fedora*

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sergey sold at $4, literally

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LMFAO that moron is tripping on himself.

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